A year of going loco for local

This year, we went loco trying to find and review local products for our loyal readers — and we loved it.
29 Dec, 2023

2023 was the year we realised that we need to stop relying so heavily on foreign or international products. Things got more expensive and, later in the year, we realised that we were buying from brands that didn’t have the same values as us. That’s why we were so happy we were able to celebrate a year of our series highlighting products that are made in Pakistan by Pakistanis for Pakistanis.

Our Going Loco for Local series was actually started in October 2022, but this year we realised just how important it is to shop local.

We had so many brands send us products to be review and had the best time finding products to review ourselves. From chocolate to candles, skincare to perfumes and clothes to bags, Team Images was lucky enough to find so many amazing local products we loved and could review for our readers.

At the end of the year, we’re recapping a year (and a few extra months!) of our Going Local series for anyone who may have missed out on the reviews and we’re breaking it down into sections to make it easier to read.

Yummy eats

Raco Chocolate

Lal’s Chocolate Bark

Lal’s Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

Dipitt’s Jalapeno Salsa

The Vittles Company’s Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese

Popaholic’s Gourmet Popcorn

Palestine Sweets’ Kunafe

Khaso Aam’s Fruity Bites

Siddiqui’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Feliz’s Banana Chips

Noms Nachos

Bags and totes for fashionistas on the go

Earthy Murky’s Tote

Khaadi’s Totes

Bear Necessities

Accessories you’ll love

Odd and Eve’s Colourpuris

Manto’s Kara’s

Ethnic’s Laptop Sleeve

Blingspot’s 2023 Planner Kit

Natasha Zubair Stationary

Walnut Homes’ Rosewood Bowls

Markings’ One Teaspoon of Home

Skincare and beauty that’ll make you feel like a million bucks

Le Pur’s Cleansing Balm

Sugarubs Body Polish

Nirvana Botanic’s Whipped Moisture Cream

Pure Desi’s Special Ubtan

Aura Crafts’ Strawberry Cleaning Bar

CoNatural’s Anti-Pigmentation - Super Activs Skin Serum

Primary’s Cica Peptide Recovery Serum

Aura Crafts’ K-Repair Radiance Serum

Organster’s Charcoal Soap

Her Beauty’s Superkind Brighten and Correct Serum

Saeed Ghani’s Vitamin C Rosewater

Sara Ali Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

Jo’s Beauty Store’s Hair Growth Elixir

Pure Desi’s Baby Boo Shampoo

Candles that’ll make you smile

Hunza Candle

Charm Naturals’ Soul of Lahore Candles

Scents on Fire Candles

Perfumes to delight your nose

Zaviha’s Mystic Blaze

Primary’s Jasmine Dew

Colish’s Amber Saffron Perfume

Sesky’s Chick Magnet Perfume

Scents n Stories’ Florse Perfume

Comfy clothes

Alay’s tracksuit

Bodybric’s men’s tracksuit

SBH-14 botique’s kurta

Bodybric’s Cargo Leggings

We’re so proud of the work we’ve done this year and are looking forward to highlighting even more products made in Pakistan by Pakistanis in 2024.

Going Loco For Local