Going loco for local: A bag you can grow old with? Bear Necessities, sign me up

Durable and unique, their gorgeous brown leather goods are a lifetime investment.
10 Mar, 2023

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? No, I think I want to switch the answer to a Bear Necessities bag. And it’s not gender restrictive, either. Bear Necessities’ goods can double as everybody’s bestie because you’re not just buying a bag, you’re signing up for a potential companion for life and that’s what got me sold on the bag instantly. That and the gorgeous leather.

I had been dreaming of a brown leather bag for a while now because they’re classic and perfect for everyday use as they go with everything. It was just my luck that Bear Necessities decided to send us one. I left the choice up to my editor because who doesn’t love surprises? (Yeah, that’s totally an excuse for my indecisiveness). She chose their cute-with-a-funky-streak Kamaiya crossbody bag which promised to serve as the right fit for working women.

The first thing we did when it arrived was, of course, feel the leather, which was super soft and friendly — trust me on this. It was much bigger in size than I thought it would be and had three pockets — the main pocket, the small front pocket and the inside zip pocket. If you know me, I love compartments since I like carrying my life on my back just in case, so a way to organise that is a plus for me.

Bear Necessities bags are “designed for a lifetime of regular use and age in its own unique way”. Made from top grain pull-up/crazy horse leather in buffalo/cow hide, the material will go through changes in appearance — the colour will shift in places, their will be marks or battle scars, as I prefer to call them, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to grow old with my bag.

The process has already started. I have used the bag for about two weeks and there are creases in some places, random slashes that I suspect might be my cat’s doing and this morning I noticed the first colour migration and it elated me. The brand said “no two pieces are exactly alike” and I feel like even if they were, the stories the bags will live through and the shifts they will experience will definitely set them apart from their counterparts and add that personal touch. How insanely unique!

Now, this is not a bag I take to work because, as I mentioned, I am a hoarder so a tote bag is what’ll cut it for me for that purpose — which they also sell, by the way. Everything else? It’s perfect. I have taken it to work events, the vet, the grocery store, the mall, for dinner — it is an accessory that jazzes up any outfit and keeps my essentials safe. I was a bit skeptical about the main pocket not having any zipper but the way it wraps around on top, I’ve come to realise that everything stays super secure.

The Kamaiya bag costs Rs9,250 and is currently on sale for Rs8,250 on their website, which I know is pretty pricey but to be honest, I think it’s worth the investment. I mean, it’s a bag for life — that’s insanely cool.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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