Going loco for local: Scents On Fire candles will transport you to new, far more tranquil, places

The candles smell great, have creative names and aren't your usual scents!
Updated 28 Apr, 2023

I love candles. I love buying them, I love smelling them and I love having them. That’s why when I get my hands on a candle I love, I can’t stop raving about it and I’ve been raving about Scents On Fire for a while.

Lighting one of their candles is like transporting yourself to some distant place where it’s peaceful and calm and you don’t have to deal with the stress of work, even though I did most of my candle burning at work.

I picked my candle up from Pith for Rs2,800 for a 270g candle and already plan on getting a new one. The scent I liked the most was French Beach, which smells nothing like the beach in question to me but is lovely nonetheless. It is described as having notes of sea salt, musky cashmere and earthy amber.

The burn time given on the jar is 40 hours.

The candles are expensive, but no more so than any of their competitors. And their packaging is cute and minimalistic. They’re available at a number of stores across Karachi and some online stores as well, like Polly and Other Stories and Kayal. You can also order directly from their Instagram page.

What I like about the brand, apart from its rather clever name, is that it has more than the usual scents. Like everyone else, it has a vanilla scented candle but the brand got creative and named it Make A Wish and made it a birthday cake scented candle with notes of buttercream, vanilla and sugar. I love seeing brands that are creative with the way they market their products! Less basic brands and more funny, creative work!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Going Loco For Local