Going loco for local: Feliz’s banana chips are the healthy addition you need to snack cupboard

You wouldn’t think spice and banana chips pair well, but they certainly do.
16 Jun, 2023

When I think of bananas, I don’t usually think of them baked and in chip form. If I did ever think of banana chips, I’d think they sound kind of weird, but I’d be dead wrong.

Feliz Pakistan’s banana chips are both spicy, crispy and delicious — none of the words I thought I’d be using to describe what are essentially fried bananas.

At Rs400 for a packet, the price may seem a bit steep when you consider the cost of other local snacks but somehow, we didn’t finish the entire bag in one sitting. I tried the Tangy Salsa and Masala flavours, which you wouldn’t think pair well with banana chips but do. Both were spicy enough that the bags lasted a full day at our office, with several hungry people trying it. It would, of course, be better if they were cheaper, but they’re not break the bank expensive.

Dear Reader, I challenge you to find me a newsroom where a majority of people eat healthy or even want to. The Dawn newsroom is no different, so when the Feliz Pakistan banana chips were passed around, most people were apprehensive — fruit chips that are healthy? But it’s safe to say that everyone who actually tried the chips liked them.

None of us had had banana chips before, so we can’t vouch for how they taste in comparison to others of their ilk, but as chips, they were pretty good. The spice added an interesting dimension to them and had us all wondering whether the plain flavour would be sweeter.

Unlike regular potato chips, the banana chips weren’t greasy and didn’t leave you feeling heavy. That’s not to say they weren’t filling — I think they’re actually more filling than potato chips. And they’re advertised as a healthy snack, which is a bonus point.

I’d rate them 4.5, rounded up to 5, considering how much everyone liked them. We love surprises at work and these chips certainly came as a welcome surprise to us all.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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