Going loco for local: Rosewood bowls from Walnut Homes Co will make your heart happy

They're cute, stylish and made entirely in Pakistan!
09 Dec, 2022

It all started with an Instagram ad — as all good (and often bad) ideas are wont to do. And buying a set of rosewood bowls from Walnut Homes Co turned out to be a very, very good idea.

I’ll admit, I’m very easily swayed by pretty pictures and packaging. If something looks good, it’s likely I’ll end up buying it. When the ad for Walnut Homes Co popped up on my feed, I was intrigued — who doesn’t love some wooden serve-ware? I certainly do.

The process was relatively painless but kind of expensive — I’m not sure Rs3,750 for three small bowls and Rs250 for shipping could count as anything but expensive — but once I received my package, I forgot about the price entirely.

The bowls are fabulous. Their finish is great, they’re sturdy and they look like they cost way more than Rs3,000! In fact, when I got them, someone told me to double check that they were even made in Pakistan because they looked like something you could get abroad.

But they are indeed made in Pakistan and the wood is sourced from local markets. We love seeing truly local products.

The trick to using and maintaining these kind of bowls is to wipe them down immediately after washing to ensure they don’t crack or the wood doesn’t warp.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Going Loco For Local