Going loco for local: Pure Desi’s traditional and gentle ubtan is here to change your skincare game

The ubtan has stolen my heart by striking the perfect balance between nostalgia and skincare.
Updated 20 Oct, 2023

As someone who would never invest in or experiment with skincare, I have been lucky to stumble upon some skincare gems. Pure Desi is one such small business that excels in organic, homemade skincare products.

Smooth and supple skin is everyone’s dream. In the quest for my best skin yet, I took the plunge and got Pure Desi’s Special Ubtan. Run by a mother-daughter duo, Pure Desi has become quite the staple in my skincare regime. Before writing this review, I was going through my order history with them and I have been using their ubtan since 2021!

Growing up in a desi household, the foolproof skincare I knew of was “ubtan”. Elders swore that it gave you the best skin ever, getting rid of acne and dark spots, and revealing an even tone. While growing up, I found regular ubtan blends quite harsh on my skin. I had heard about Pure Desi’s revolutionary ubtan on some skincare forums. Back in 2021 when I was battling severe acne, I wanted to try a product that would gently exfoliate my skin to remove dead skin without aggravating my painful acne, and lo and behold, I came across this amazing product.

Enriched with kiwi, rose petals, sandalwood, and citrus peel powder, this gram flour-based ubtan (besan) made my skin feel soft and rejuvenated from the first try. The product claims to help with sun damage, dark patches, dark circles, skin damage, and dull skin. Of the five claims, I felt like the product was effective in nearly all areas mentioned, however, since an ubtan is a physical exfoliator, I did not use it under my eyes to prevent it from drying out, and since the skin in the area is so thin and sensitive.

In the two years I’ve been using this product, I’ve come to realise how integral this step has become in my PM skin routine. I tend to use the ubtan after my cleanser at least four times a week. I make a paste with water and massage it on my skin for a minute, in gentle circular motions. My skin instantly feels refreshed and my makeup sits better on the skin with regular use. In addition, I have found the product to maintain my skin’s moisture levels, even though besan typically dries out the skin. The gentle exfoliation provided by the ubtan has also had a significant impact on the acne scarring left behind on my face.

Pure Desi’s Special Ubtan comes in a basic packaging and since the products are homemade, the business notifies customers that the products will be prepared and shipped out in 10 working days. As for the price of the product, I got it for Rs900, however, Pure Desi regularly runs discounts and special offers on its products. I must add that one tub of their Special Ubtan lasts me a good three to four months, providing great value for money.

My overall rating for this product would be a 5/5 since it ticks all the right boxes — value for money, high-quality ingredients, and visible results with regular use.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Going Loco For Local