Going loco for local: Hunza Candle, the homie you can trust to make your home homier

The company has a wide range of scents to serve as a wardrobe for your surroundings.
21 Oct, 2022

I first encountered a Hunza Candle at a friend’s house and witnessed the familiar brown of God’s greatest beans solidified. Being a coffee fanatic, it was pure joy having the freshly brewed coffee scent waft over to us from across the room. Thus began my active obsession with scented candles and Hunza Candle’s hand poured fragrances were the ones to set me off on this journey.

There is a section on my bookshelf that is just a long line of candles, many of them Hunza. The joy-bringers have a small kiosk at Karachi’s Dolmen Mall in Clifton where I source my scents from. What’s cool about this is that rather than ordering a product online that is described well, I get to meet and confirm if this is the smell I want to be cocooned in.

Through a thorough inspection that gave my sinuses a workout, I have identified what kind of scents I want my candles to bear and it is scents that belong in a big ol’ mug of warmth. My first was Cocos Nucifera which contains notes of coconut, vanilla, lime and rum. The softness of this fragrance won me over until I tried French Vancoff. This scent is an ode to vanilla, you can sense toasted beans mixed in warm milk and sweet cream, garnished with almonds. Chef’s kiss.

Aside from my drinkable candles, I also loved their Amber candle which is perfumed comfort if perfume could comfort. Treading a similar thread, their Bakhoor is also pleasant, bringing a piece of Arabic culture to your home (in which it’s linked with hospitality).

Alongside their woody scents, they have a wide range including floral, citrus-y, spicy and fruity scents. If you have familiarised yourself with the world of scented candles, you will find their price range quite reasonable. Their smallest candle is Rs1,600 and their largest is Rs5,500. They also have pillar candles that are less expensive than the glass jars and aesthetic ceramic jars that are a tad more expensive.

I will give them a 4.5 star rating for their variety, price range, comfort and lovability. I take away half a star only because I see room for improvement in their packaging.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Going Loco For Local