Going loco for local: If you dig minimalist aesthetic, Natasha Zubair Stationery is the place for you

Made from recycled paper, their products are sustainable with no compromise on quality.
Updated 09 Dec, 2022

The initial lockdown in 2020 was a period of great stillness and a great many of us resorted to online shopping just to introduce some excitement in our lives. Cruising through Instagram, I came across Natasha Zubair Stationery and was instantly hooked on their simple but stylish designs.

Minimalism was in at the time and though it doesn’t make sense, prices seemed to be inversely proportional to the quantity of ink on paper but Natasha Zubair’s designs seemed to be the opposite. Notebooks ranging from Rs200 to Rs350 only? That too, of seemingly high quality? Sign me up.

I placed my order for three notebooks, which could have been a risk but something about the presentation and design whispered: these are going to be as great as they look. And they were! I’ve gone through several and am, in fact, still using their A5 lined notebooks. Like most people, I struggle with consistent journalling but with these notebooks, first of all, the exterior lures you in — just looking at them makes you happy. They’re also not too thick, which means I can finish one in a matter of months — though that depends on the frequency of writing. I don’t know why, but there’s something super satisfying about finishing a journal and moving on to the next.

Additionally, their lined sheets are of such good quality, it’s kind of unbelievable. Bonus point, their products are made from renewable resources and promote the use of recycled materials. Pretty, high quality, affordable AND sustainable? They really have it all, don’t they?

Natasha Zubair Stationery also includes ring notebooks, sketchbooks, bullet journals, envelopes, sticky notes, bookmarks and more. You can check them out here.

P.S. Over two years down the line since my first buy, their A5 notebooks still fall in the range of Rs200 to Rs350. That’s pretty wild considering the sky rocketing prices of literally everything due to inflation.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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