Going loco for local: Saeed Ghani’s Vitamin C rose water gives you the best of both worlds

Who knew good old rose water can become a game changer with the simple addition of Vitamin C?
Updated 05 May, 2023

There’s no doubt that rose water has been doing wonders for our skin and hair for ages. It has long been a staple in our skincare routines, often used as a more organic version of fancy — yet filled with chemicals — toners.

Saeed Ghani, famous for its organic skin and hair products since before the creation of Pakistan, is not new to having one of the best rose water ranges out there. When we received a few products to try out from Saeed Ghani, their regular rose water was already pronounced to be a “good” product. But what grabbed my attention was the incorporation of Vitamin C into this version.

Three weeks later, I can confirm that the element of Vitamin C turned a “good” product into a “great” one. I have personally never been overly obsessed with skincare, however, ever since I began trying out this version of rose water on my face, I have found myself using it twice (or sometimes thrice) daily.

Not only did it gave me a refreshing feel after an exhausting day of work, but it also proved to be excellent at preparing my skin for makeup. The true test came when I was visiting Faisalabad for a wedding and needed to wear makeup for long hours for almost a week.

My friend and I found it to be perfect for consistent application of eyeshadows and to build up pigment. Just a spray on our makeup brushes and it made any dull eye-shadow pop! Now some may argue that the same can be done with plain water but we noticed a difference when we compared the two — the rose water did much better. Additionally, it made the application of foundation much smoother on the skin. Talk about hidden uses of rose water.

Now let’s talk about the fragrance. I am someone that absolutely does not want to smell like flowers the whole day, let alone have my face smell like roses. So when I discovered that this version does not have an overpowering smell of roses, I was thrilled. It did smell like roses — duh, it’s in its name — but I never felt it was excessive. It also had a hint of citrus to it. Plus, it dries up nicely on the skin and within a minute or two the fragrance fades away.

And, of course, then there are the health benefits of Vitamin C. According to the company’s website, their Vitamin C rose water “deeply hydrates skin, removes impurities, excess oil and dirt and protects skin from pollution and UV rays. Vitamin C Rose water unclogs your pores and maintains an even skin tone with its antioxidant properties.” This makes it perfect to be used as a toner or face serum.

The 120ml bottle retails for Rs280 and can be bought from Saeed Ghani’s website. Despite all its pros, it’s not an absolute necessity, therefore, it gets three and a half stars from me, rounded up to four.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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