Amar Khan hopes her upcoming Ramazan drama with Imran Ashraf brings lots of laughter

Amar Khan hopes her upcoming Ramazan drama with Imran Ashraf brings lots of laughter

The screenwriter-actor said she plays a TikToker in the drama.
Updated 20 Mar, 2023

Ramazan is almost upon us, which means spending a lot of time with the family. If you’re seeking means of entertainment that’s enjoyable for all, look no further because Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf’s Ramazan drama is dropping on the first day of the month of fasting. And it is going to either take you back to a comedic era you are nostalgic for or refresh you with the genius of the past.

The Qayamat actor told Images about her character Heer Jatt. “Heer is more of a vibe than a character — someone who is absolutely a go-getter, somebody who desires and dreams [much] big[ger] than the setup that she lives in. She is a very active TikToker and [a] sensation, [and] brings vibrancy to social media. Like a Punjabi juttni, she has a lot of audacity and causes conflicts,” she revealed.

Though she said that she can’t reveal much of the story — especially as the writer — she talked about where the inspiration for this show came from. “This is my first drama and [it is] very close to my heart. Comedy plays back in [the] 80s and 90s have been dominating the screen and viewers’ hearts, and if we see comedies like Fifty Fifty, Sona Chandi and Uncle Urfi, all of them were very different. It was not just comedy, they would [add] pop culture references and very engaging parodies of well known personalities [who] were relevant to the viewers and [the] situation at that time.”

She added that the dramas she mentioned catered to all age groups, that they were not just family dramas. “They were very well thought out [and] layered — these were the USPs [unique selling points] of those dramas and I was very inspired by those stories. If I ever had to write something for TV, not that I planned [on doing so], I knew it had to be [along] those lines so I think this is my tribute [to] that time.”

Khan said her drama brings the right mix of situational comedy and has all the elements and ingredients, “from romance [and] conflicts to very interesting parody with pop culture references”. She believes it will cater to a good chunk of the audience and hopes Ramazan will be all about positivity and happiness. “Hopefully this drama will bring in lots of laughter, a little bit of tears and a lot of excitement amongst the viewers,” she added.

The actor talked about reuniting with her Dum Mastam costar. “After my feature film, this is my second project with Imran. It was a great experience and we were all geared up. He is always a treat to work with and it was a lot of fun to work with him. I feel special [being] with [this] channel and [these] producers due to my long association with them from my recent success, Daraar and I think we have completed a hit streak with this one,” she said.

She had teased the upcoming drama in January, talking about her writing process and journey. “Tirelessly writing at a stretch [for] four months nonstop — that’s how my workstation looked like. Ideating around the clock in a locked room, aiming to get done with 30 episodes (which is a lotttttt of work for somebody like me, coming from a film writing education and wrapping up a story in 135 minutes),” she wrote. “Thanks Geo for all the creative liberty and truly passionate involvement. I could’ve never, in my wildest dreams, thought of writing a 30-episoder ever. But challenges and optimism are what keep us going in this world. To your screens soon InshaAllah!” she said.

“This is a Geo 7th Sky Entertainment Ramzan play being produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. We’re going to Lahore to shoot for this and the director is Saima Waseem. When viewership spikes in Ramazan, I hope this is a good addition and people will enjoy watching it,” she had told Images earlier.