Amar Khan has written and is starring in upcoming Ramazan drama Janjalpura

Amar Khan has written and is starring in upcoming Ramazan drama Janjalpura

The actor is grateful for the opportunity and excited to see the fruit of her labour.
30 Jan, 2023

Actor Amar Khan is broadening her horizons by screenwriting the next drama she’s acting in — a Ramazan play that is currently in the shooting phase. Taking it on as a challenge, the Dum Mastam actor kept her optimism intact to make it through the daunting task. Starring alongside Imran Ashraf, Khan is excited to see how the audience likes it.

On Sunday, she shared the news on her Instagram. “My first one for TV this Ramadan, tentatively titled Janjalpura. Extremely nervous and excited to attempt this immensely crazy journey. [Lots of] love to 7th Sky for being an absolute support system and a guiding light in [the] past few months,” she captioned a photo of her writing with the script for Janjalpura also in the picture.

Talking about her writing process and journey, she said, “Tirelessly writing at a stretch [for] four months nonstop — that’s how my workstation looked like. Ideating around the clock in a locked room, aiming to get done with 30 episodes (which is a lotttttt of work for somebody like me, coming from a film writing education and wrapping up a story in 135 minutes),” she wrote. “Thanks Geo for all the creative liberty and truly passionate involvement. I could’ve never, in my wildest dreams, thought of writing a 30-episoder ever. But challenges and optimism are what keep us going in this world. To your screens soon InshaAllah!” she captioned her post.

“This is a Geo 7th Sky Entertainment Ramzan play being produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. The hero is Imran Ashraf and I’m playing the heroine’s role. We’re going to Lahore to shoot for this and the director is Saima Waseem. When viewership spikes in Ramazan, I hope this is a good addition and people will enjoy watching it,” she told Images.

Khan added that she cannot reveal anything about the story at the moment since the drama has to go in production first.