Amar Khan calls The Legend of Maula Jatt the ‘finest visual triumph’ in Pakistani cinema history

Amar Khan calls The Legend of Maula Jatt the ‘finest visual triumph’ in Pakistani cinema history

The actor does not want the audience deprived of "such a mammoth film" on the big screen.
17 Oct, 2022

The Legend of Maula Jatt has got Amar Khan’s approval and she is sure everyone knows why. The actor shared her review of the film, saying no one should be deprived of watching the masterpiece.

On Saturday, she shared a lengthy review to make her case. “Punjabi cinema is accelerating into its glorious years with The Legend of Maula Jatt as it aptly speaks our heart out ‘bara hi swaad aya ay!!’ [It was very flavoursome]. This Bilal Lashari monumental action Gandasa film will go down in Pakistani cinema history as the finest visual triumph ever. Bilal’s voluminous hard work and dedication of a decade on this one is a testimony to how a passionate filmmaker operates. Pakistan has not seen this mind boggling cinematography and character blocking on screen before,” she wrote.

She picked each character, describing what stood out in them. “This film belongs to Hamza Ali Abbasi, haven’t seen such menacing, growling villain from [the] subcontinent in a long, long time. Fawad [Khan] will always be our eternal superhero and elegantly aced the protagonist with his aura. Mirza Gohar Rasheed, I felt, was actually smoking up that scorpion weed giving his career’s best performance. Mahira [Khan] exudes beauty with her innocence and feisty charm as Mukho. Faris Shafi doing that tan tan tan is tremendously entertaining and at ease. Humaima [Malick] looked sensuous and convincing.”

She also lauded the production team and crew who may function behind the scenes but are responsible for the magic created onscreen. “Nasir Adeeb saab’s dialogues are hitting sixers straight to the gallery. What a brave and bombastic attempt by the producers of this film. May you guys make the Moolah run at the box office. A special shoutout to the strongest pillars of this film Fahad Hussayn, Maram Azmat [and] Aabroo Hashimi. I’m so proud of you guys. Not to miss Zara Shahjahan and the entire production design/art team, kudos.”

The Dum Mastam actor only had one issue, which was some actors’ inaccurate Punjabi pronunciation. “A small concern when so much money, time and technical expertise is going into such a film, why are a few artists not taking the diction and tonality seriously? Mustafa Qureshi sb was also an Urdu-speaking actor getting Punjabi so clearly.”

She concluded by asking the responsible parties to not deprive the audience of such a great film which is only playing in a select number of cinemas. “Saw this film last night in Capri as only two cinemas in Karachi are playing Pakistan’s biggest film to date. What if players win the world cup without playing the innings in the home ground? ‘Ais maulay nu maaran laye cine-ma nai cine-pyo bulana paway ga’. Please don’t deprive the audience from watching such a mammoth film on cinema’s bara parda. Very tight virtual hugs and congratulations to the team!”


M. Saeed Oct 17, 2022 02:02pm
Remake is always a tribute to the original.
Wahab UK Oct 17, 2022 04:33pm
Who is she???
Sam Jawed Oct 17, 2022 06:30pm
She must be crazy to continue watch this after 15 minutes lol
NYS Oct 17, 2022 09:15pm
She said and we capture Do you think that your evidence count...