‘Their screams won’t let me sleep’: Nadia Jamil urges action after employers accused of torturing, murdering child in Lahore

Published 13 Jul, 2022 04:42pm

Images Staff

The actor took to her Instagram and urged her followers to raise their voices for the children who are tortured and abused.

<p>Photo: Screen-grab from Rewind With Samina Peerzada</p>

Photo: Screen-grab from Rewind With Samina Peerzada

Actor Nadia Jamil is horrified over the alleged torture and murder of a young boy employed as a domestic worker in Lahore and the injury of his younger brother by their employers over petty mistakes. She is urging her followers to raise their voices against acts of abuse against children.

The actor took to her Instagram and shared a video clip of herself asking her followers if the lives of these children aren’t “valuable” enough for people to take a stand for them and requested them to join hands with her to fight against child abuse, especially this case.

The police are investigating a family who live in DHA’s Phase III over the murder and torture of 10-year-old Kamran and the torture and injury of his six-year-old brother Rizwan. Doctors at a private hospital reported on Monday 2that they received a domestic child worker dead and another critically injured. The doctors said the body of the deceased boy had deep torture marks while the condition of the other boy was serious.

“Please stop fighting with each other, it doesn’t matter who is in power, whether it’s the Nawaz, Bhutto or Imran Khan’s family. What difference does it make when all this time, till this date and time, when these ‘leaders’ were in power, our children never got protection? Have you not seen kids on the streets begging? [Are] kids not subjected to violence in homes?” she questioned.

“We have this disease in which we turn our eyes away and it’s taking the lives of our children,” she pleaded with her followers to raise their voices for the protection of children and said this case should not end up like that of Uzma, where the culprits roam freely.

“Please, this is a crime, it needs to be punished at the highest level. There needs to be an example set. Enough with the violence against children. So what if it is a family from Defence? Are the lives of these children not valuable enough? Please become a part of this war to raise your voice as it’s the only one that counts,” she implored.

“Children are the most vulnerable amongst us. We are ALL responsible for every child on our planet. We are the adults. We make the rules, if those rules cannot protect our children then what kind of adults are we? Children look to adults for protection. Yet so many rot in domestic labour, begging, in prostitution,” she wrote, saying that she can “hear their screams” and that it won’t let her sleep in peace.

So far, the police believe the house owner Nasrullah, his wife Shabana, two sons and his daughter-in-law Hinna are involved in the case. The Punjab IGP has taken notice and directed the Lahore police higher-ups to arrest the perpetrators and stay in contact with the family of the children.