I was called all kinds of names: Nadia Jamil opens up about struggling with baldness

Published 08 Mar, 2021 12:01pm

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'When I lost my hair, I realised I loved my face and I am beautiful; and so are you!'

Photo: Nadia Jamil/Instagram
Photo: Nadia Jamil/Instagram

Actor Nadia Jamil, who has through social media shared her journey of being diagnosed with breast cancer and fighting it, has words of encouragement for her fans and followers as she narrates tales of being bullied and how she overcame her insecurities during the process.

Taking to social media, the Behadd actor motivated her Instagram followers to embrace their baldness and recognise their beauty.

"To all those beautiful bald men and women out there, wear your baldness with pride!

"Don't let taunts, negativity, ignorant comments, hurt. Hold your head high. I was called all kinds of names, but smiled because the truth is, when I lost my hair, I realised I loved my face and I am beautiful; and so are you!"

This is not the first time Jamil has been an inspiration for people without hair. She has taken multiple opportunities on her road to recovery to remember how she felt without hair, and the lessons she learned from her experience.

"I will never forget facing and overcoming the fear of being bald, of feeling beautiful with no hair," she had said. "Bald Cancer Nado taught me how to be my own best friend. Alhamdolillah."

The star had also revealed how the disease had been an unforgettable struggle, but she was trying her best to keep her spirits up.

"Chemo is a battle," she had said. "But I'm without fear, in solitude held tight, cocooned in Allah's love. Every lesson sent I try to learn. Pain, sickness is all a journey to healing and patience."

Much to the delight of her fans, Jamil had announced she was on the road to recovery soon after surgery. However, she kept it real and was open about the very real and intense struggles of being a cancer patient, at one point also revealing she was also diabetic.

We're sending our love and prayers her way.