Nadia Jamil's traumatic experience with British Airways leaves her in tears

Nadia Jamil's traumatic experience with British Airways leaves her in tears

The airline staff allegedly left the actor alone in a wheelchair for hours without any assistance.
05 Jul, 2021

Actor Nadia Jamil — who recently recovered from cancer — was allegedly left stranded and unassisted in a wheelchair at Heathrow Airport after she was unable to travel to Pakistan due to an issue with her travel documents.

In a series of tweets, Jamil highlighted how she was left abandoned in a wheelchair with her luggage lying around her after she was unable to board a flight to Pakistan.

"I have never been so intimidated, humiliated and helpless in my life," wrote Jamil. "Your staff left me to sleep alone on terminal 5. How did you expect me to wheelchair myself and my three suitcases back to Cambridge from Heathrow? Kindness counts!"

The actor was taken off the flight because of issues with her travel documents. She was unable to leave the airport afterwards because the airline did not arrange for any assistance to help her with her luggage while she was wheelchair bound.

"My very elderly aunt came to my rescue. She hauled the heavy suitcases. Then managed both wheelchair and trolley. When I fainted to the floor outside the cab, she managed me!" wrote the actor.

Jamil described her condition as one that had become dire enough to need emergency assistance from medical services. "If my aunt not been there last night I would have had to call 999. That is how serious the situation was last night," she wrote.

The actor also highlighted the behaviour of some airline staff. "I will never forget one staff in particular," she wrote. "He was shockingly curt. I was tired, scared and he made me feel very small on that wheelchair. Don't use strength to belittle others."

Jamil emphasised the importance of helping those who are bound to a wheelchair and unable to walk.

"People on a wheelchair may not be able to carry luggage or move around like many others," she wrote. "Be patient with them. Don't use your position of power and strength to make others feel small."

Since the incident at Heathrow Airport, the actor has received many messages of support from her fans and well wishers.

British Airways has also responded to Jamil's tweets, apologising for the difficult experience she had.

The actor was going home for the first time after her cancer treatment. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and had traveled to the UK to receive treatment.