Nadia Jamil pens a heartfelt note about surviving cancer and it's the voice of hope we all needed

Nadia Jamil pens a heartfelt note about surviving cancer and it's the voice of hope we all needed

"I like this me more than any other past version of me," she wrote on social media.
07 Jul, 2021

Actor Nadia Jamil recently posted a heartfelt note on Instagram, talking about how surviving cancer has changed her for the better. Jamil expressed joy at finding herself tougher, wiser and more resilient than she's ever felt before.

Jamil, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, announced her full recovery in June. The actor has openly shared her experience battling cancer in the past and recently took to social media again to share the changes she has observed in herself as a cancer survivor.

"When I try to walk now, I see the pity in peoples eyes," she wrote on Instagram. "Especially people who recognise me. They remember this energetic woman, able bodied, full of energy and bounce, with thick, long, glamorous hair.

"They can't register this slow, shuffling, broken bodied, short haired woman as their Nado."

The actor had previously spoken about sustaining nerve damage in her feet due to chemotherapy treatment, making it difficult for her to walk normally.

The actor said she liked this version of herself much more than any other past version. "She's slower, she's often in physical pain, but she's really tough, under her fragility. And she's learning new levels of strength, every day," she wrote.

For Jamil, being known as a survivor is a matter of pride. "If you want to label me, label me a Survivor. A survivor of so many things," she said.

"A survivor doesn't give up. And if she does, she ends up surviving and then... That's when the party starts. Because then... she learns how to live more beautifully then she has ever lived before. She paces herself, loves herself. Rests in nature. Smiles at people. Befriends the trees and everything around them. She needs no validation from you, because she sees herself clearly."

The actor revealed that the journey has allowed her to slow down, pace herself and "take it all in". "So this is was what I was missing when I was buzzing around like a busy bee," she remarked.

Jamil went on to remind everyone to see past her struggles and recognise the thriving person within. She wrote, "...when you see this slow, shuffling, curly short haired version of Nado see beyond her body, because now, I have the mind, the heart and the will of a Cheeti, a Lion, a supernova, the miraculous resilience of a tiny atom, the will of an army of ants..."

The actor's fans and well wishers have commented on her post as well, leaving messages of awe and support for her journey as a survivor.

We couldn't be happier to see Jamil in such high spirits. Her journey towards wellness is definitely an inspiration for those who can relate to her struggles and we hope that everyone else on this journey can take comfort in her words.


Parvez Jul 07, 2021 03:01pm
.... and now Nadia Jamil has gone further up the ladder of bravery, beauty and dignity.
Jo Jul 07, 2021 03:43pm
Great news. All the best for your future. Excellent actor. Remember her from Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai drama
Jonathen Jul 07, 2021 04:59pm
please tell us more about your tale at the airport ? What happened after you missed your flight ?
Humza Jul 07, 2021 06:36pm
I feel bad for her but she doesn't understand that she needs to follow rules by having proper documentation. If you are so sick, please have help at the airport or defer travel plans. Also travel lightly and comfortably. It's not the world's responsibility to care for you even though we all want others to care for us. We need to make informed choices. Imagine had this been some Muslim airline and how we would all be jumping to conclusions but she received this treatment supposedly from British Airways. Telling.
Zak Jul 07, 2021 07:33pm
Nadia jamil, the epitomy of courage. You will get better, InshAllah. The nation prays for your recovery.
Saira Khan Jul 08, 2021 02:48am
This woman and her constant desire for validation is so cringe worthy