Javeria Saud, Aymen Saleem and Arslan Naseer starring in upcoming Ramazan special Paristan

Published 29 Jan, 2022 10:23am

Irfan Ul Haq

The comedy's cast also includes actors Merub Ali, Junaid Jamshaid Niazi, Navin Waqar, Mira Sethi and Ali Safina.

Get ready for some light humour this Ramazan with HUM TV's Ramazan special Paristan.

The romantic comedy has been directed by Ali Hassan.

Javeria Saud told Images, "This is a Ramazan drama, a romantic comedy and my character is a Punjabi woman. Navin [Waqar] is also starring in the drama, her character lives in a fictional world and the plot will revolve around issues of women getting married off — I want my daughter to marry off in a good family and hope my niece gets married somehow. I just want to get everyone married in this drama."

The drama's cast is packed with established actors and new talent — it includes Saud, Aymen Saleem, Arslan Naseer, Merub Ali, Junaid Jamshaid Niazi, Navin Waqar, Mira Sethi and Ali Safina.

Saud added that it will air in Ramazan, "like the previous specials on Hum TV have — for 30 days." She revealed that it is named Paristan "and the main heroine is called Pari."

Sinf-e-Aahan actor Ali had also posted a photo with costar Jamshaid and hinted at an upcoming show recently.

Ramazan entertainment shows are usually well received in Pakistan — Aamir Liaqat's transmissions attract massive crowds. But not everyone is happy about Ramazan transmissions — model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak protested against Ramazan transmissions on social media last year, saying, "They seem hellbent on ridiculing and insulting human beings in the name of entertainment and profit." She pointed out that such programmes were especially not okay during a raging pandemic that requires social distancing.

This drama looks to be something different from the usual Ramazan entertainment fare — something will appreciate, we're sure.