Muneeb Butt to play hermaphrodite assistant commissioner in upcoming drama with Saba Qamar

Muneeb Butt to play hermaphrodite assistant commissioner in upcoming drama with Saba Qamar

The actor told Images that the limited series consists of six to seven episodes, each highlighting social taboos and issues.
26 Dec, 2022

A lot of new TV shows are coming our way as we bid 2022 farewell, one of the most recent being Muneeb Butt and Saba Qamar’s show for ARY Digital. It may seem like your average serial but Butt told Images that the six-episode limited series is “breaking stereotypes” by highlighting social issues.

He took to Instagram on Sunday and shared photos from the sets of the upcoming drama. “[I] am really excited to announce that I am playing a very unique character of the first trans assistant commissioner in my upcoming project. Something that breaks stereotypes in our society,” he wrote.

Sharing his experience, he said he had been “anxiously waiting to reveal the character” that he will be playing soon. Elaborating on his role in the drama, Butt said it was the “most challenging role” he has ever done because he had to get out of his comfort zone. “Hope you enjoy the journey with me. Will be looking forward to your feedback,” he said while thanking his costar Qamar.

More about the drama and his character, Butt told Images, “It’s a six to seven-episode series, more like what you see on Netflix or Amazon for the OTT platforms. It’s a USAID series in which each episode will be based on a different story and [all of them] are excellent. It highlights all basic, social issues such as the stereotypes in our society, the way things are done and it breaks taboos. My character is of a guy who by birth is a hermaphrodite.”

Butt said that the drama reflects his character’s struggles and journey, and how he fights back society. He receives education with the support of his family and eventually, he opts for CSS and becomes an assistant commissioner.

“This has a beautiful message — we boycott such individuals from our society completely and they are left with a few options to work; becoming a sex worker, a dancer or begging at signals. So for them, it’s a message that if you study, work hard and don’t care about what people say then you too can achieve whatever you want,” said the 30-year-old star.

In a separate post, Qamar wrote that she had been waiting to announce that she’s part of a “very unique and special project” by Idream Entertainment for ARY Digital. However, details about her character have not yet been disclosed.

The release date and time for the limited series are yet to be revealed along with the rest of the cast.