After Maula Jatt’s Rajjo, Saima Baloch wants to create another ‘filmy character’ for fans in Super Punjabi

Published 02 Dec, 2022 05:49pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The cast for the family comedy includes Sana Fakhar, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Adnan Shah Tipu.

Saima Baloch’s iconic dance in The Legend of Maula Jatt was a work of art and visual treat for the audience. After her beloved character Rajjo, the actor wants to give her fans another “filmy character” in her next film Super Punjabi.

“In Maula Jatt, my experience was amazing during [the] performance as my work for this film is my ibadat [act of worship]. Director Abu Aleeha approached me [for the role of the] heroine in Super Punjabi. I said yes for the sake of our film industry, and to leave Rajjo behind and create one more filmy character for my country. Fans of Rajjo are waiting to see more [of me] on the big screen so, yes, I’m doing this film for the people,” she told Images. “I’m so grateful to Allah. And the people who loved my work as Rajjo. Thank you, love from Rajjo.”

According to Aleeha, writer and director of Super Punjabi, the film is entirely a family comedy film. Produced by Safdar Malik and Iftikhar Thakur, this is the director’s second Punjabi film after Shot Cut, starring Juggun Kazim and Gohar Rasheed.

The cast includes some Karachi actors such as Sana Fakhar, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Adnan Shah Tipu and Saqib Sumeer. Baloch is playing the lead role and there are three songs dedicated to her in the film. The music is by Sami Khan who has also worked on music for film Ishrat Made in China and the soundtrack for popular TV series Mr and Mrs Shamim starring Nauman Ejaz and Saba Qamar.