Actor Nayla Jaffri fights for royalty payments as she struggles to pay for cancer treatment

Actor Nayla Jaffri fights for royalty payments as she struggles to pay for cancer treatment

Sindh culture minister announces the government will bear her medical expenses.
05 Apr, 2021

Actor Nayla Jaffri, one of PTV's golden era actors, took to Twitter to ask the government for help in her fight against ovarian cancer. In response, Sindh Culture Minister Sardar Shah announced that his department would "happily bear all her expenses”.

Jaffri's video was posted on Twitter by her friend and filmmaker Furqan Siddiqui. Jaffri highlighted the difficulty she is facing affording healthcare, given her prolonged illness and rising medical expenses.

“When I first joined PTV, I remember that the broadcasters would pay us royalties for re-runs of our old shows,” reminisced the actor. “And though it wasn’t a lot, receiving that extra bit of money always felt great,” she continued.

“The last serial I did has run on air some six times over the last six years, maybe four. Similarly, other dramas too,” noted Jaffri. “For those re-runs, we should’ve been paid royalties,” she argued, finishing her thought by acknowledging that the royalties would have made her bearing the expenses of her fight easier. “A lot of other people might not need such money, but when you haven’t been working for a while, and have no support, these things become very important,” she said.

She didn’t just make this case for ex-actors, but also included athletes and other contributors to the field of art in her appeal.

In response to the tweet by Siddiqui, Shah made his comment to people’s great delight. Others active on the platform also replied, expressing their eagerness to help.

Jaffri also took the opportunity to thank her fans and well wishers for their love and support over the years.

The news of Jaffri being diagnosed with cancer first surfaced in 2017, though exaggerated. She soon spoke up and addressed the news, saying it was exaggerated, albeit factual.

She is best known for her work in Aa Mujh Ko Sulana, Desi Girls and Thodi Si Khushiyan.


Jawad Apr 05, 2021 12:22pm
She can have health care support from Shaukat Khanum as of dearest PM has been bragging about it for a decade now. Or she can avail free health services through Sehat Card.
Browngirl Apr 05, 2021 12:37pm
Sindh Minister made a bongi. We all know they wouldn't spend even a penny. Only rich fans of her can help her now.
Mansur Ul Haque Apr 05, 2021 01:44pm
Who is this Nyla Jafferi? Why is Sind government bearing her medical expenses. Poor people in the streets are dyeing for hunger,disease and poverty. No body taking care of them. Pakistan is best countries for elites. Common man is worst than animals.
Zak Apr 05, 2021 04:03pm
Government should start a medical fund for actors and a stipend for retired actors. It's the need of the hour. I am sure PMIK will sanction it.
M. Saeed Apr 05, 2021 05:26pm
Sympathies and prayers for health.
Ehsan Apr 05, 2021 06:57pm
Wish her all the best. Artists need to look into establishing long term financial/ health planning
jaredlee007 Apr 05, 2021 07:30pm
Get well soon.
TZaman Apr 05, 2021 10:16pm
Sindh Government, and specially the minister for Culture, what an extraordinary sense of duty. You not only honored the actor Ms. Jafri, but all residents of Sindh.
saimahasannaqvi Apr 06, 2021 12:26am
We should help these ladies who are struggling in this dangerous diseases .
Aloo Apr 06, 2021 02:33am
How much tax did she pay to Pakistan? everyone asks no one gives Pakistan must be richer than any other nation out there it was all fun when she was making the money should have thought then to have a welfare system but people like these never think that in their prime
A Khan Apr 06, 2021 04:42am
Nayla Jaffri is a great Pakistani and deserves the best treatment. That said, while I appreciate the gesture from the Sindh culture ministry, what is the fault of the millions of poor people who are not fortunate enough to be a famous celebrity. What measures has PPP govt. taken to provide healthcare to the people of Sindh over the course of last few decades? It's great they are bearing expenses of a single celebrity after lining their own pockets but it doesn't change the reality that healthcare in Sindh is an unmitigated disaster.
Laila Apr 06, 2021 04:57am
@Mansur Ul Haque poor people have never mattered in Pakistan. Only the famous, the affluent, the elite, and the well connected matter. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope she beats cancer. But I do also think of those who can't afford treatment and have resigned themselves to their fate. It breaks my heart.
Farhan Apr 06, 2021 07:29pm
Rather than making knee jerk reactions, Sindh govt should emulate KP and give insurance cards for medical treatment
Zak Apr 07, 2021 02:13pm
@A Khan sind under PPP is a failure.