From raising awareness for assault victims, to defending international celebrities, lending a helping hand for daily wage earners, to protecting animals and their little babies, Anoushey Ashraf has always been one to speak her mind and use her platform for good.

On her recent trip to Istanbul, the VJ made use of the opportunity to speak in favour of animal welfare, applauding Turkey and its people for practicing compassion and leading by example.

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"When you randomly stop on the streets of istanbul for some much needed therapy," Ashraf posted as she shared a picture with a doggo on the street. "Love how they coexist with animals and understand their right to love and thrive in their environment."

She also reminded fans and followers how animals too, are a creation of God and have the right to exist in the same spaces as them; thanking the Turks for being mindful of this fact.

"After all, we may be the most intelligent creation of Allah, however, animals are equally His creation too. This planet is as much theirs as it is ours. Thank you Turkey for leading by example in terms of animal welfare."

Previously, Anoushey opened up about how while her love of travel was inherited from her father, the love for animal genes were passed on courtesy of her mother - to the extent their animal rescue missions resulted in their backyard soon resembling a mini zoo!