18,000 Karachiites saved the national anthem at the Pak vs WI match

Updated 03 Apr, 2018 01:09pm

Images Staff

The sound system abruptly broke down at National Stadium, but was the patriotic kick-off to the match ruined? Not really

Cricket matches and national anthems have an uneasy relationship.

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And yesterday's Pak vs West Indies match at Karachi's National Stadium saw another goof-up. But before you facepalm, let us tell you there's a happy ending to this story!

Halfway into the playing of the national anthem yesterday, the audio system at National Stadium abruptly broke down, leaving the players with no background music. But was the patriotic kick-off ruined? Not really.

Watch what happened:

Karachiites belted out the rest of the tarana from the stands to keep the players going, and while it wasn't the most mellifluous performance, we have to appreciate the love.

Psst, they sound better here:

Karachiites loved the gesture and proclaimed it a fitting start to the historic match:

Here's to more thrilling moments during the cricket series!