Indians sing the Pakistani national anthem as a gift for our Independence Day

Updated 12 Aug, 2017 08:41am

Images Staff

Indian Acapella Band Voxchord says the song 'is our way of wishing you Happy Birthday Pakistan'

As Pakistan's Independence Day draws closer, Indian Acapella Band Voxchord sends a gift our way: singing a version of our national anthem.

The two-minute music video starts with members of the band holding placards which read: "This Independence Day, we'd like to dedicate a song to our neighbours. A song about faith, pride and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection."

The surprise offering comes just days before Aug 14 and features the singers in a monochrome video. Free of any instruments, the song is quite a treat to listen to.

Although the gesture has received mixed reviews on both sides of the border, many have appreciated the song and the message it seeks to promote.

Will Pakistanis respond in kind? We'll have to wait and see.