Ayesha Omar undergoes collarbone surgery eight years after traumatic car accident

Ayesha Omar undergoes collarbone surgery eight years after traumatic car accident

The actor is recovering and will not be taking up any work that requires her to be in front of the camera for a while.
15 Mar, 2024

Ayesha Omar took to Instagram on Thursday to share a significant update with her loved ones. The actor revealed that she recently underwent a collarbone surgery after an injury sustained over eight years ago left her collarbone and shoulder bone impaired.

She said that despite numerous treatments and therapy sessions over the years, her collarbone failed to heal, causing her persistent discomfort, especially while filming and during performances. Therefore, she finally decided to opt for the procedure.

“After many years of navigating through spasms, discomfort, complications and pain, I finally gathered strength to go through with this surgery. I also realised that emotional and spiritual healing cannot happen without physical healing,” she said.

Detailing what it was like to go under the knife, she said that her “broken bones were trapped in a lot of tissue and muscle,” because of which, she underwent bone grafting from her left hip bone, and screws for stabilisation were involved. The whole procedure took three hours.

“The pelvic bone (that’s where the bone graft was taken from to put in my collarbone) is excruciatingly painful,” she noted. “Dr Shah had to drill deep into both ends of my broken collarbone to find blood and marrow and then insert the bone graft in the middle of it and set it in place with a titanium plate.”

Omar is grateful that the whole thing has been dealt with and she can finally focus on healing — her recovery period may span up to four months, during which she will refrain from traveling and taking up any projects. “Will work on music, ideas, scripts and my brands,” she added.

The Bulbulay star would also appreciate some company in the meantime. “Come and hang with me Karachi peeps. Bone broth, payas, plant-based candies and standup. This message is being typed by a friend. Won’t be able to reply to messages or comments. Only voice notes. I’m in agonising pain but Allah is giving me strength,” she said.

Omar concluded her post with heartfelt thanks to her supporters and well-wishers.

In December 2015, Omar and actor Azfar Rehman were injured in a car accident on the Super Highway while travelling from Karachi to Hyderabad for the launch of a clothing store. They were accompanied by host Anoushey Ashraf and model Abbas Jafri on this trip, but were travelling in a separate car. A driver was behind the wheel.

According to a source, a vehicle collided into their car, causing the car to swerve off the road and fall into a ditch. While Omar suffered two fractures on her right collarbone and shoulder, Rehman sustained a head injury.

They were taken to a Jamshoro hospital, where they received first aid and were transported to Karachi’s South City Hospital via ambulance.


Nadia Mar 15, 2024 01:01pm
Beauty with brains or beauty with pains?
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Taj Ahmad Mar 15, 2024 01:52pm
I wish Ayesha Omar a very quick recovery and back to her normal life again.
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NYS Mar 15, 2024 02:12pm
Accident was horrific to escape, Ayesha is brave enough to cope now undergo another surgery .. Almighty give you fortitude to scumb the pain and swift recovery
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Syed Hasni Mar 15, 2024 02:16pm
Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain. Get well soon! Ayesha
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M. Emad Mar 15, 2024 03:47pm
According to police report, while travelling from Karachi to Hyderabad on the Super Highway their car collided into a vehicle, causing the car to swerve off the road and fall into a ditch.
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Ehsan Mar 15, 2024 07:20pm
All the best for speedy and successful recovery
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Khaled Mar 15, 2024 10:31pm
Pray you get well soon.
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Asad Mar 16, 2024 04:02am
Get well soon.
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Syed salahuddin Mar 16, 2024 12:19pm
So, why is this even a news? What are her contributions to the society other than just acting which is her profession?
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amisha Mar 17, 2024 08:24am
what was she doing for 8 years?
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Imran Quraishi Mar 18, 2024 07:27am
An experienced surgeon once told me not to go under the knife unless and until it is a matter of life and death. His advice was to live with pain and not go for surgery as our body has a natural ability to heal over the course of time. It can take a long time to heal but rest assured it would eventually heal. The other advice was to take turmeric powder mixed with luke warm milk before going to bed at night and that can expedite the healing process naturally.
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