Ayesha Omar breaks silence after traumatic car accident

Ayesha Omar breaks silence after traumatic car accident

"My next few thoughts were a mixture of extreme terror of being kidnapped or mugged by dacoits on the highway."
21 Dec, 2015

Pictures of a wrecked car on the highway started circulating on social media a few days ago.

Fans were shocked when they learnt that it was Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman who had been in that car and gotten into a road accident.

Ayesha and Azfar were accompanied by host/actor Anoushey Ashraf and model Abbas Jafri on this trip, but were travelling in a separate car. A driver was behind the wheel.

The actress has now finally decided to break the silence after the traumatic incident on her Facebook profile.

She starts off by sharing that her right arm is "immobile" and she had to type this account with her left hand so "this will take a while."

The Bulbulay star gave an update on her injuries: "As you all must know, I've broken my right collar bone and fractured my right shoulder. The last three days have been excruciatingly painful and i got no sleep the first 2 nights despite a mixture of heavy painkillers and sedatives. Finally got a few hours last night and I'm back home from the hospital. "

She goes on to recount the collision.

"I didn't lose consciousness at the time of the accident despite being in agonising pain and my first thought was of gratitude. I was shocked and grateful to be alive and wanted to be out of the car as soon as possible but was not allowing anyone to touch me because I knew I had broken something in my shoulder and didn't want to be mishandled."

"We hit an overtaking truck on the highway just before Hyderabad and had two collisions due to being bumped into by another truck from the back. It's a miracle that me and Azfar came out alive because the car was completely destroyed. I was immobile and picked up by Azfar and a group of passersby and put into a police mobile that transported us to a rundown govt clinic in Jamshoro."

She adds, "My next few thoughts were a mixture of extreme terror of being kidnapped or mugged by dacoits on the highway taking advantage of our vulnerable situation and of thousands of little kids strewn on the ground after various explosions in the world, with no one to help them and give them any medical help."

Omar expressed her gratitude to her friend and colleague, Azfar being around to take charge of the situation, despite being injured himself.

"Luckily Azfar was in complete control despite sustaining a minor head injury and it was him who took care of me for the next 3 hours in Jamshoro and during the excruciating, bumpy and never-ending 4 hour drive alone in an ambulance back to Khi. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made it back safely and God knows how I would've been handled."

The duo have been good friends for a long time. —Photo courtesy: Ayesha Omar Official Facebook page
The duo have been good friends for a long time. —Photo courtesy: Ayesha Omar Official Facebook page

"Those 6 hours were the toughest few hours of my life and Azfar Rehman protected and cared for me like I was his own child. God bless him a hundred times over and may everyone have friends like him in their lives. He's proved to be the most amazing friend and care-taker ever. He helped me endure my pain, deal with the trauma and panic, kept wiping my unstoppable tears, and kept me hydrated till we reached Khi. From there on, it was just x-rays and painkillers."

The Karachi Se Lahore leading lady will be taking a break from her hectic schedule: "I'm in too much pain, too exhausted and weak to pick up the phone and talk all the time but will be able to do so and meet people from day after. Recovery time is 6-8 weeks and I'll be home bound mostly. A much-needed break from my crazy lifestyle. Just wanted to share my experience and thank you all for the boundless love and wishes."

We wish both the stars a speedy recovery!


Asim Dec 21, 2015 03:45pm
No mention of the driver behind the wheels..
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mirza Dec 21, 2015 03:53pm
thank Almighty for you are sill alive, give lots of sadqas
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aillly Dec 21, 2015 03:54pm
May God give you all best of health and we expect you may do more good in future....
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Khalid Saeed Dec 21, 2015 03:58pm
what a media hype just for nothing. Accident like this happens in Pakistan round the clock.
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Sajjad Dec 21, 2015 03:58pm
Good to know that you are safe. Wish you a speedy recovery. God bless Urban mindset , there are always Dacoits in that part of the world.
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kash Dec 21, 2015 04:28pm
What happened to the driver?
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Hashim Dec 21, 2015 04:30pm
Get well soon girl!!
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Amin Ansari Dec 21, 2015 04:33pm
Wish you the best in your recovery. And for your future.
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Shoaib Ahmed Dec 21, 2015 04:39pm
the first advice that my father gave me when teaching me how to drive, "think thrice when overtaking a truck or a bus."
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Nausheen Jalil Dec 21, 2015 04:48pm
Alhamdolillah you are both safe & on the way to recovery. I can empathise with you Ayesha because my son & husband were looted & nearly kidnapped on our way back from Hyderabad after they had a flat tyre. We were coming back from my son's nikah and were in separate cars and got separated when we stopped at a fuel station on the highway. It was a very traumatic experience fr us too. Stay safe. Stay blessed. Speedy recovery for you.
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Hanzala Dec 21, 2015 04:51pm
well how could anoushey be in pakistan on the day of this accident ? she is in afghanistan.
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jimmyali Dec 21, 2015 05:04pm
Ayesha get well soon. Cant wait to see you back in action
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Figaro Dec 21, 2015 06:32pm
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Glad to see humanity in our stars. Hope everybody survived including the driver.
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Mudasir Dec 21, 2015 06:47pm
Get well soon. You are amazing and we love you!
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suraiya Dec 21, 2015 11:03pm
Alhamdolillah you are alive and on your way to recovery. Incidents like these make us realize our mortality. Maybe as a celebrity you should raise awareness about the run down clinics at the highway. With so many accidents happening there should be a decent clinic there.
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saeeds Dec 22, 2015 04:02am
One should be thankful to local people and medical staff . Just keep in mind with limited resources I think they did there best. These accident are one way telling people now it's there turn to do something for future accident victim.
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Kailash Batra Dec 22, 2015 10:11am
Your comment Very sorry to know of this tragic accident Wish Ayesha speedy recovery
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Riz Dec 22, 2015 10:12am
Thanks to God that both of you are safe.Its a miracle,by seeing the car no one can say you are alive.May God bless both of you.
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Observer Dec 22, 2015 11:03am
People of Hyderabad and Jamshoro are very kind .. I live here in Hyderabad .. and I am sure even if you would have been alone they would have taken you to the hospital and help you in any way they can ..
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Awais Zia Dec 22, 2015 06:11pm
Take care both of you be happy get well soon inshaaALLAH stay blessed :)
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nabiha Dec 25, 2015 04:35am
I hope all of you a speedy recovery ... though there was no mention of the driver ? I hope and pray that he is doing well and that Azfar Rehman made sure that he was taken care of as well. God Bless ... time for a lot of sadqas
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