Why are people wishing Shaheen Afridi ‘happy birthday babe’?

Why are people wishing Shaheen Afridi ‘happy birthday babe’?

The cricketer celebrated his 23rd birthday with his family and people were quick to notice the balloons in a picture shared by his father-in-law.
06 Apr, 2023

Happy Birthday Babe is trending on Twitter and the reason is hilarious. Cricketer Shahid Afridi posted pictures from his son-in-law, Shaheen Shah Afridi’s birthday celebrations in which the former is seen posing with Shaheen and in another photo, he’s making Shaheen eat cake — all normal birthday things. What netizens zoomed in on were the balloons behind them that read “Happy Birthday Babe”.

It was the first thing people noticed.

They also find it hilarious that the picture is of the father and son-in-law duo, instead of Shaheen and his wife, Ansha Afridi.

Shahid posted the same thing on Instagram and his comment section is full of people debating whether it’s weird or not.

Some are even speculating whether it says ‘Babe’ or ‘Baba’.

But it’s also becoming a new way to wish Shaheen a happy birthday.

We guess people’s obsession with Shaheen and his new wife hasn’t died out yet. Shaheen and Ansha got married on February 3 this year. Their wedding pictures created a buzz on social media as people enjoyed the beautiful daytime nikkah shots of the couple and images of the Pakistani cricket team celebrating the event.

While sharing pictures from his wedding, Shaheen asked fans to respect the new couple’s privacy.