Doge takes over Twitter as Elon Musk replaces app’s iconic bird

Doge takes over Twitter as Elon Musk replaces app’s iconic bird

The tech billionaire bought Twitter last year and things have gotten stranger ever since.
Updated 04 Apr, 2023

In what could be a late April Fools’ joke or Twitter CEO Elon Musk exercising his belief that nothing is more eye-catching than a dog photo, the social media app has replaced its iconic blue bird logo with a doge meme.

Right at the top of the Twitter homepage is a picture of Kabosu, the Shiba Inu that inspired the infamous doge meme. The meme dates back to 2010 when a quizzical photo of Kabosu went viral online. People started referring to it as ‘doge,’ which eventually inspired the cryptocurrency ‘Dogecoin,’ created in 2013.

Musk also posted a screenshot with the caption “As promised”, showing a conversation between him and a Twitter user where he suggested Musk “just buy Twitter” and “change the bird logo to a doge”. To this, Musk responded: “Haha that would sick”.

The move is gutsy of Musk, given the update came amid a [$258 million racketeering lawsuit][2] accusing him of operating a pyramid scheme to promote Dogecoin.

DogeCoin’s official Twitter account posted a very 2010 meme to celebrate the news.

Netizens find Musk’s latest move quite bizarre.

People are wondering if the app’s name will be changed as well.

Many are getting irritated by the update.

Some call it a great strategy by Musk to gain money.

We’re equally weirded out by this strange new update and to be honest, we already miss the iconic blue bird. We’re #TeamBlueBird, no matter how adorable the doge may be.