What song did people hum to search most on Google this year? ‘Pasoori’, of course!

What song did people hum to search most on Google this year? ‘Pasoori’, of course!

It was also the second most searched song globally, surpassing BTS' 'Butter', 'Chaand Baaliyan' and 'Heat Waves'.
08 Dec, 2022

Here’s to the never-ending ‘Pasoori’ fever! Hitting another milestone, the song has topped Google’s list of songs most hummed to search in 2022, meaning songs people have hummed the tune for to find. It also made it to second on the songs most searched for on Google.

Coke Studio producer Xulfi took to Instagram to commemorate the achievement. “Can’t thank the universe enough. Just can’t. And can’t thank all of you, the people, enough too,” he wrote. “Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving us your love, your attention and your kindness that made our, your Coke Studio’s ‘Pasoori’ the most Googled song in the world in 2022.”

Commenting on the songs ‘Pasoori’ overtook, he said, “Surreal knowing that BTS is second in the list. It’s a music act we researched on before the season. And then Imagine Dragons, one of my favourite music acts, is on the list too. Just unbelievable. Congratulations team.”

‘Pasoori’ singers Ali Sethi and Shae Gill also shared the news on their Instagram accounts. “So grateful,” wrote Gill.

Coke Studio season 14’s associate producer Abdullah Siddiqui too expressed his gratitude for the hit song’s success.

Google released its lists of top trends this year and ‘Pasoori’ has surpassed super popular bands such as BTS, Imagine Dragons and the Backstreet Boys on its Hum to Search: Top Songs list. Songs ‘Butter’, ‘Chaand Baaliyan’ and ‘Heat Waves’ were next in line on the list. The song also made it to the list of most searched songs, ranking second after Indonesian pop song ‘Tak Ingin Usai’ by Keisya Levronka.

‘Pasoori’ dropped in February and being an instant fan-favourite, its appeal has only grown not just in Pakistan but the song has crossed borders. It is loved in India, it has a remix collab with Nigerian Afrobeats by Coke Studio Africa and has 457 million views on YouTube currently. It has climbed global music charts and was even featured in Ms Marvel.