Coke Studio Africa remixes ‘Pasoori’ into ‘a whole new song’ featuring Ali Sethi and Nigerian Afrobeats

Published 19 Aug, 2022 11:18am

Images Staff

Artists Marwan Moussa and Reekado Banks bring an African touch to the original composition, adding a unique collision of genres and cultures.

Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s ‘Pasoori’ has found a new home in Africa — the song, already super popular in India among other places, has transcended borders once again.

Coke Studio Africa dropped a brand new, remixed version of the single on Thursday. Featuring Nigerian Afrobeats, represented by artists Marwan Moussa and Reekado Banks, in collaboration with Sethi, it has brought a distinctive African touch to the already catchy beat, adding a unique collision of genres and cultures.

The song starts and ends with the ‘Rung’ singer’s voice, singing bits of the original lyrics of the song. Sandwiched in between are the Egyptian and trap elements brought by rapper Moussa and singer Banks to create a whole new blend. You may not understand the words of this fusion but you will surely recognise the tune and vibe to it.

An elated Sethi shared the remix on Instagram, unable to put into words how happy seeing his “little tune” turn into “a whole new song” has made him.

‘Pasoori’ dropped in February and has not slept a wink since. Breaking records and making waves across the world, it has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. With over 330 million views on YouTube alone, it only keeps on giving. It also made it to Ms Marvel, the first Marvel show with Pakistani representation.

Being the sixth song to come out in Coke Studio’s season 14, it was written by Sethi and Fazal Abbas, while the composition has been done by Sethi and Zulfiqar J Khan, popularly known as Xulfi. The music has been produced by Abdullah Siddiqui and Xulfi.