Alia Bhatt defends ‘Kesariya’, claims the song dethroned ‘Pasoori’, which is one of her favourites

Alia Bhatt defends ‘Kesariya’, claims the song dethroned ‘Pasoori’, which is one of her favourites

The actor said she's glad 'Kesariya' has received attention, even if it's for the words "love storiyan".
28 Jul, 2022

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film Brahmastra has received a lot of attention lately due to its song ‘Kesariya’, which featured the much mocked phrase “love storiyan” but also for copying Pakistani band Call’s ‘Laree Chootee’. While promoting her film Darlings, Bhatt addressed the criticism and said it’s “great” that two words even got attention and claimed their song has dethroned Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s ‘Pasoori’.

On Wednesday, a panel interview with Miss Malini saw the cast of Darlings, Shefali Shah, Bhatt, Vijay Varma and director of the OTT film Jasmeet K. Reen talk about their upcoming release.

Bhatt was also asked about ‘Kesariya’ being criticised for including the phrase “love storiyan”.

“I don’t think people are having issues with the song. I think it’s great. I think it’s lovely that there is so much given to even two words in a song. I think there was so much anticipation with the song that the ones who weren’t liking those two words just wanted the song to be so perfect,” the Gangubai Kathiawadi actor said.

In her opinion, if people are having issue with it, it’s fine. She said that in a conversation with Ayan Mukerji, the director of Brahmastra, she asked if he could believe that the song itself has amassed more views than their trailer and has gotten a lot of attention.

“Like we dethroned, which I want to say very proudly, ‘Pasoori’ which is one of my favourite songs but it’s been number one for 85 days and ‘Kesariya’ went straight to number one. I proudly want to scream on the rooftop and say this because any kind of attention to a creative unit, good bad, is attention at the end of the day and it adds on people knowing more on the film that’s about to release and it just shows that they care that much.”

The mama-to-be is gearing up for the release of two films this year — Darlings and Brahmastra. The first film will release on August 5 and is being produced by Gauri Khan under her and Shah Rukh Khan’s production label Red Chillies Entertainment, Bhatt herself and Gaurav Verma. The other film, in which Bhatt shares a screen with her husband Ranbir Kapoor, will release on September 9.

She will also be seen in Jee Le Zaraa, Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani and her Hollywood debut in Heart of Stone alongside Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.


haris Jul 28, 2022 03:19pm
"Ek tou Choori, ooper sey Seena-zori" -
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A Jul 28, 2022 03:33pm
She is 100% right.
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Zeeshan Jul 28, 2022 03:33pm
I dont see how Kesaryia was copied from Laree chootee. The melody and the drift are totally different.
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Dr. Salaria, Ahmad Part II Jul 28, 2022 03:36pm
Very important news
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Kulsoom Baloch Jul 28, 2022 03:44pm
Hey hey! You are used to snatch every single fame from Pakistanis.
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Nasir Askar Jul 28, 2022 04:00pm
Hmmm, no matter what she says, its still a copy. Shame a copy dethroned a gem of a song.
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Javaria Jul 28, 2022 04:15pm
Thats just what Bollywood is famous for . Copying and plagiarising. Less for originality.
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Fastforward Jul 28, 2022 04:37pm
Bollywood, India’s cesspool of nepotism. But Pakistanis admire Bollywood. Ironical!!!
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Irfan S. Farooqui Jul 28, 2022 04:50pm
What's new in Keysariya song. Nothing melodious.
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kapatta Jul 28, 2022 05:49pm
Liar and Thief cannot give up their habbits
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Raheel Jul 28, 2022 06:01pm
No originality just copy and paste. Pathetic!
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Tariq Jul 28, 2022 06:06pm
Bollywood focused its attention on copying coke studio songs now. Lol
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JS Jul 28, 2022 09:01pm
Alia, grow up. Never expected this silly claim from the star of Gangubai. Must note that your shout from the rooftop cannot outshine the brilliance of Pasoori, and can never rob it of its overwhelming popularity and grand following the world over.
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JS Jul 28, 2022 09:08pm
@Nasir Askar. Once upon a time indian lyrics and music stood out for its originality. Even then, mozart, Elvis, and many others were copied maybe out of sheer admiration. Actually, bollywood has been shamelessly copying Hollywood music and Pakistani lyrics for decades. Their indulgence in this exercise has resulted in their devaluation. Their loss. Pasoori's brilliance and fame is due to its originality. Can't be run over. Remember.
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Pk Jul 29, 2022 05:51am
Haha pathetic.
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ak Jul 29, 2022 06:06am
Except for topping the charts, there’s no comparison between Pasoori and Kesariya. Former is a masterpiece and latter is…nowhere close. And I say this as an Indian. Even setting aside the Laari Chooti controversy, the genius behind Pasoori is not comparable. With time, it was eventually going to be dethroned, but it’s quite disingenuous to say that that itself puts these two songs in the same league.
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