08 Mar, 2022

'Pasoori' was released a month ago but people have not stopped playing it since. The Coke Studio song has been all the rage — it has spurred covers, fan art and a lot of TikToks. It only makes sense that the song that's been on replay in everyone's playlists has entered the global charts and landed itself high on Spotify's list. It has also topped Indian Spotify charts but none of this comes as a surprise to anyone — the spot is well deserved and everyone involved is celebrating.

Ali Sethi posted a screenshot of the global chart, sharing an anecdote in the caption that connected the inception of 'Pasoori' to the full-fledged song one year later, showing that Coke Studio producer Xulfi's prediction came true. "One year ago, when Zulfiqar J. Khan heard this tune I’d sent him on a voice note, he told me with enormous calm that it will enter the global charts. I laughed, drank my coffee and put it out of mind. Today I woke up to this… Insanely happy for Abdullah Siddiqui, Shae Gill, Sherry Khattak and Zulfiqar J. Khan — many many congratulations to us and a EDDA VADDA [really big] thanks to all you lovers — dildaars [beloveds] and sab yaars [all friends] — who are pow-ing this #pasoori at the GLOBAL LEVEL,"

Despite having predicted it, Xulfi was still blown away by the news and incredibly grateful. "Speechless. Even though it was part of our vision that our music, Pakistan’s music, reaches the global charts, this happening in reality has blown me away beautifully. Blown all of us away. Allah ka shukar hai [thank God]. Thank you people for the infinite love you’ve given to the music. Infinite. Well done team!"

Associate producer Abdullah Siddiqui was also in a state of shock and thankful for the love. "I’m running out of words. Thank you all for the love you’ve shown 'Pasoori'. I’m still in disbelief that these sounds that existed only on our devices a year ago are now echoing around the world. It just feels like a fantasy. Ali Sethi, Shae Gill and Zulfiqar J. Khan, it’s been a privilege to live this alongside you."

Sethi's comment section was flooded with well-wishers, congratulating the singer on such great success with 'Pasoori'. Strings singer Faisal Kapadia, visual artist Misha Japanwala, his sister and actor Mira Sethi and singer Hasan Raheem were quick to send their love.

Sethi also shared another chart on his Instagram Story where 'Pasoori' has topped the Indian Viral 50 chart on Spotify captioned, "Okay India you win."

We don't know about you but we're loving the border transcending 'Pasoori' craze. Coke Studio has dropped some bangers this season and 'Pasoori' definitely stands tall among them.


JS Mar 08, 2022 02:09pm
Awesome Pasoori guys! Love the pasoori you've caused on Spotify. More of this please
shazad khalid Mar 08, 2022 03:29pm
Brilliant! Well done to all involved. Keep up the momentum and producing outstanding music with global reach. Shows language has no barriers. When Nazia Hassan released 'Disco Deewane' album in 81, it was number one in most countries in South America. Crazy huh! Music transcends everything.
Boltoro Mar 08, 2022 03:51pm
Pasoori is brilliant! What about the other songs in the list? Never heard of them
Niaz H. Jafri Mar 08, 2022 04:15pm
Pure magic indeed ! I heard this a while ago & it's on repeat. Kudos to Ali Sethi, Abdullah Siddiqui, Shae Gill & everyone involved.
Syed Hasni Mar 08, 2022 06:11pm
I have a feeling People will be hearing a lot about Shae Gill soon. She is beautiful, confident and talented.
Mani Mar 09, 2022 04:27am
Pasoori is good but it’s definitely not it’s best track this season. Tu Jhoom, Dunya, Peeche Hut all ahead of it.
Ping Mar 09, 2022 10:31am
Oh no, not him again!!!