'Honoured and thrilled': Abdullah Siddiqui, Xulfi and Ali Sethi on 'Pasoori' being a part of Ms. Marvel

'Honoured and thrilled': Abdullah Siddiqui, Xulfi and Ali Sethi on 'Pasoori' being a part of Ms. Marvel

The song was one of many that was played in the fourth episode when Kamala Khan arrives in Karachi.
30 Jun, 2022

If there is one thing people are excited about in Ms. Marvel it has to be the music. People are impressed with episode four already especially since a Coke Studo hit that's very special to our hearts made its way into the episode. Ali Sethi and Shae Gill's 'Pasoori' is the second song from the recent season of Coke Studio to make it to the Disney+ series and the musicians as well as music producers are "honoured" to have their work featured.

Abdullah Siddiqui, the associate producer of Coke Studio's latest season, wrote on Instagram, "Unbelievably honoured to have my work featured in the MCU." He said it's been a year for Pakistani representation. He called it "overwhelming and so beautiful" and said he is thrilled to be a part of it.

The producer of the latest season, Xulfi, also shared the same photo as Siddiqui on his Instagram and congratulated the team while also thanking the "universe" for infinite blessings.

Sethi also shared the news with a clip from the fourth episode from Ms. Marvel. He called it "'Pasoori' pow".

Singers Faisal Kapadia, Rup Magon of Josh the band, music producer Talal Qureshi, actor Adnan Malik, artist Misha Japanwala and Gangs of Wasseypur actor Richa Chadha also dropped by to comment on the achievement.

The recent episode also featured Pakistani songs such as SomeWhatSuper and Abid Brohi's 'The Sibbi Song', 'Aag' by Talal Qureshi and Naseebo Lal, 'Doobne De' (Reprise) by Hassan and Roshaan, 'Disco Deewane' by Nazia Hassan, 'Babia' by Sajjad Ali' and 'Mera Laung Gawacha' by Musarrat Nazir.

'Pasoori' is the second Coke Studio song to be featured in the series. It is the first, however, to make it to the actual episode. Hasan Raheem, Talal Qureshi and Justin Bibis' 'Peechay Hutt' made it to Ms. Marvel's second episode's credit scene. It was also used in a short promotional clip shared by Marvel on Instagram for the second episode.

Episodes of Ms. Marvel drop every Wednesday on Disney+ and are also being screened in theatres across Pakistan. Episode 3 and 4 will be screened on July 1, while 5 and 6 will be screened on July 15.