You give the Pakistani cricket team impossible odds and they’ll show you what miracles are made of

Published 09 Nov, 2022 05:30pm

Images Staff

The Green Shirts qualified for the T20 World Cup final after defeating New Zealand by seven wickets and Twitter couldn't be happier.

Impossible odds, you say? That’s what the Green Shirts eat for breakfast. In a clean sweep of a match, Pakistan knocked New Zealand out of the T20 World Cup semifinal. Just when we thought they had reached the point of no return and gave up on them, they made an unexpected U-turn, outdoing even themselves.

On Wednesday, team Pakistan lost the toss to New Zealand who chose to bat first. Despite past games indicating that luck favours those who bowl second, fans were not at all worried. There were constant comparisons of this World Cup with 1992’s, which Pakistan won under the captaincy of Imran Khan. Chasing a 153-run target set by New Zealand turned out to be less stressful than expected. Instead of heart failure, fans experienced a rare ecstasy all thanks to Babar Azam’s smashing comeback, enhanced by his partnership with Muhammad Rizwan.

Even though it was happening right in front of our eyes, we struggled to process our own happiness.

Oh and they reached another milestone while at it. Just king sh*t.

Us fr.

On one hand, we’re shocked.

On the other, yes we’re in the finals AND WHAT ABOUT IT?

They really just switched up their act, surprising even their fans.

We’re not complaining though.

We do know what the real strategy at play is.

An apology line for the GOAT please.

Some fans are taking it a step further and welcoming the skipper in their family lines.

Another comeback that had us cheering was Shaheen Shah Afridi’s.

Tbh, we were scared till the very last ball.

Please @ God.

Do you think Pakistan is bringing the World Cup back home this year?