Fans want Shadab Khan not to take Zimbabwe loss so hard after video of him allegedly crying goes viral

Published 28 Oct, 2022 03:53pm

Images Staff

Pakistani Twitter is pouring in with support for the cricketer after the Green Shirts lost a T20 match to Zimbabwe.

Where cricket is concerned, emotions run very high but sometimes people forget that players are take defeat to heart just as much as their fans. Supporters are quick to console when they see a player negatively affected though, which is what happened after a video of Shadab Khan allegedly crying started circulating on social media.

On Thursday, Pakistan lost to Zimbabwe, a match that was easily conquerable according to general expectations. In a disappointing turn of events, the Green Shirts lost by a single run. Fans took it hard and began the usual commentary on Pakistani Twitter. Soon after the discourse changed its route as a video of an upset Khan started making rounds. Fans rushed to support him, telling him to not to take it too hard.

The sight of him potentially in tears made his fans emotional too.

They told off people pointing fingers at the player.

And then turned to him and tried to console him, saying loss is part of the game.

Some Twitter users are confused because though they’re mad, they also have great love for Khan.

Fans pleaded with the people abusing the players to approach the matter with some empathy.

It is understandably very upsetting when the team you’re rooting for loses but someone has to lose and sometimes it’s us. It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling but it is not okay to take it out on other people, not even the players. A good response would be to process these emotions healthily instead of attacking others and putting your own and someone else’s mental health at risk.