Despite Pakistan’s decisive victory against Netherlands, netizens are disappointed by second innings

Updated 30 Oct, 2022 05:42pm

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Chasing a 92-run target, the Green Shirts finished in 14 overs with four wickets down.

<p>Photo: PCB and UzairKhan86/Twitter</p>

Photo: PCB and UzairKhan86/Twitter

Pakistan’s first victory in the T20 World Cup series ended up being a bittersweet one. Starting out strong with a vicious bowling attack and eagle-eyed fielding, the Green Shirts disappointed netizens with their batting despite the win.

On Sunday, Netherlands captain Scott Edwards won the toss and chose to bat first, not knowing what the Pakistani team had in store for him. After they restricted the overall target to 92 runs in total, the atmosphere was fuelled with excitement for Pakistani fans who expected a swift slam dunk. They saw the game wrapping up in 10 overs but to have it drag on for about four more led to backlash.

They celebrated Shadab Khan’s wickets, Haris Rauf’s lethal ball and Muhammad Wasim’s deadly yorkers but couldn’t help but talk about the “selfish innings”.

Fans found the loss in wickets unnecessary.

There was quite a lot of Babar bashing on Twitter but some fans stood by the captain despite a dip in his performance.

They even called for special arrangements to eradicate the nazar.

Despite it all, some players stood out as always.

Netizens are praying for Dutch batter Bas De Leede after Rauf’s deadly bouncer caused a facial injury.

It all comes down to fans shifting their focus on the India versus South Africa match today. They are rooting for the former to guarantee whatever slim chances remain for Pakistan to stay in the World Cup series.

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