From Shae Gill to Faisal Kapadia: Here’s the complete lineup for Dubai’s first-ever Coke Studio Live

From Shae Gill to Faisal Kapadia: Here’s the complete lineup for Dubai’s first-ever Coke Studio Live

The concert will be held on October 14 and see stars such as Karakoram, Young Stunners, Ali Sethi, Hasan Raheem and others on stage.
13 Sep, 2022

Are you still not over Coke Studio season 14’s succession of hit songs? Well, there’s some good news for you and other music lovers in Dubai. The city is hosting its first-ever Coke Studio Live and the lineup has finally been revealed.

The upcoming concert will feature Karakoram, Young Stunners, Faisal Kapadia, Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, Justin Bibis and Hasan Raheem taking over the stage.

Karakoram and Young Stunners

According to Khaleej Times, Karakoram will bring their signature rock style to Dubai with ‘Ye Dunya’, their latest collaboration with Young Stunners, blending heavy metal and Urdu rap.

Faisal Kapadia

Young Stunners’ second collaboration will also be part of the show alongside former Strings’ band member Kapadia. The trio will be performing their song ‘Phir Milenge’ that served as the season finale for Coke Studio’s season 14.

Ali Sethi and Shae Gill

Shae Gill and Ali Sethi will be performing their global hit ‘Pasoori’. The song not only launched Gill into the music industry but also went international, even resulting in an African remix.

Hasan Raheem and Justin Bibis

Bringing pop and desi beats to the festival, Hasan Raheem and Justin Bibis will be performing another hit from the latest season — ‘Peechay Hutt’

According to the publication, the live event also features a great lineup of instrumentalists to deliver a signature experience, including Annan Noukhez, Zain Peerzada, Bilawal Lahooti, Omair Farooq, Veeru Shan, Saad ul Hasan, Haider Ali, Haider Ali Tafu, Yusuf Ramay, Melvin Arthur, Awais Kazmi, Action Zain and Aziz Kazi.

With more than 13 million subscribers and four billion views on YouTube,Coke Studio has become one of the biggest platforms to feature artists in Pakistan. While the upcoming event will feature most hits from season 14, we wish it also included all the other songs we loved this season — ‘Kana Yaari’ by Kaifi Khalil, Eva B and Abdul Wahab Bugti, ‘Muaziz Sarif’ by Faris and Meesha Shafi, ‘Neray Neray Vas’ by Soch the Band and Butt Brothers, ‘Go’ by Atif Aslam and Abdullah Siddiqui, ‘Thagyan’ by Zain Zohaib and QB and Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal’s ‘Tu Jhoom’.

The event will be taking place in Dubai on October 14 and you can book your tickets now through Coca-Cola Arena Dubai.


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 13, 2022 05:59pm
Bring it on.
Ehsan Sep 13, 2022 07:18pm
Pakistani music is world class music needs to be propagated further
Tayyab Sep 14, 2022 09:46am
No sense of songs by stunners.
Maasi Malik Sep 14, 2022 11:41am
So even Coke Studio is shifted to Dubai. What is left in Pakistan. Why not declare some parts of Dubai as Pakistan as most Pakistani Elite is already living there?.