Netizens are hitting replay on Coke Studio's upbeat qawwali 'Thagyan'

Netizens are hitting replay on Coke Studio's upbeat qawwali 'Thagyan'

The latest song from season 14 is a collaboration between Zain Zohaib and Quratulain Balouch.
14 Mar, 2022

Coke Studio has been giving us hit after hit this season and it keeps on giving — netizens are impressed with the 11th song of season 14 'Thagyan' by Zain Zohaib and Quratulain Balouch. The song is a qawwali with a breath of fresh air injected into it. The upbeat sound adds a modern element that complements the traditional style perfectly and Pakistani Twitter agrees.

Taking the qawwali to a minimal edit, associate music producer ActionZain added humnawas, tablas and dholaks to "re-inflate" the song. “It feels really grounded to use tradition and familiarity as a launchpad to explore the unknown,” he said.

A song that's a protest against the tricky nature of love, 'Thagyan' adds a layer of freshness to the classic qawwali genre, perking it up with the youthful voices of the singers and some neon lighting.

Netizens are down bad and they can't stop replaying the song.

They love the mix of modern and classical.

Twitter users are pleasantly surprised to see this "playful" version of qawaali and the introduction of drums on set.

QB stans stayed loyal — they especially raved about her entry.

Some liked the music more than the lyrics.

Indian fans are eagerly waiting for it to be uploaded on Spotify.

What did you think of this "playful" qawwali?


Hamed Mar 14, 2022 05:30pm
No music in the world can beat Qawwali. Specially sufi Qawwali!
M. Saeed Mar 14, 2022 06:39pm
But, Dhagyan reminds of the Sharifish Qawalies !
Dehati Mar 15, 2022 10:27am
It is a great attempt of the boys trying to carry on the legacy of great Qawals of Pakistan.
Rehana Bounse Mar 15, 2022 07:15pm
The new coke studio number is good but it has not find justice to QB. She should have been the lead singer with her out of this world unique voice. No one is like QB with her humbleness, personality & THAT voice