A bop or a flop? Hasan Raheem and Justin Bibis' 'Peechay Hutt' has netizens deeply divided

Published 21 Feb, 2022 02:54pm

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The new Coke Studio song seeks to combine opposites with Hasan Raheem's satin-smooth vocals and the Justin Bibis' raw talent.

Coke Studio season 14 dropped another fusion-fuelled track, combining Hasan Raheem's smooth vocals with Justin Bibis' raw talent to create 'Peechay Hutt'. Though netizens appreciate Talal Qureshi's electro beats, Pakistani Twitter is pretty divided on the song itself. Running to both extremes, netizens either love it or hate it.

Released on Feb 19, 'Peechay Hutt' ticked the boxes on the two essentials needed in every hype song — faultless bass and over-the-top confidence, according to the description. "Xulfi and Associate Music Producer Qureshi finesse Coke Studio’s aim of bringing opposites together" to produce this "mid-season banger".

'Peechay Hutt' has a completely different sound compared to the other songs released this season and Coke Studio calls it the "flashpoint for a new generation’s rise."

But Raheem's mellow vocals combined with bursts of energy by the Justin Bibis against a backdrop of a thumping beat electric beat garnered mixed reactions online and netizens have been very upfront about how they feel.

Some loved it and appreciated the Shina (the language spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral) words Raheem included in the lyrics.

Others just loved the song in general.

Raheem gained some new fans.

And old fans stood up for the singer, saying his haters are just bitter.

On the flip side, there were some netizens who weren't into the song and were confused about Raheem choosing to "do this to himself."

Some said the Justin Bibis outshone him.

While others criticised him for mumbling the song instead of singing it.

Some even threw shade at people who liked 'Peechay Hutt', claiming they were trying to stand out.

This user thought it was too hip for them.

One user reminded people that you can think the artists are great without loving every song they produce.

What do you think of the new song — is it a bop or a flop?