A little bhangra, a little magic — Coke Studio's 'Neray Neray Vas' is a song to get you dancing

A little bhangra, a little magic — Coke Studio's 'Neray Neray Vas' is a song to get you dancing

The fifth season 14 song is an energy-infused version of SOCH The Band's six-year-old single featuring the Butt Brothers.
02 Feb, 2022

Coke Studio season 14 has everyone on their toes waiting for the next hit to drop. It opened with the banger 'Tu Jhoom' and ever since has given us the "real magic" it promised in the form of diversity and musical mashup. The producers injected bhangra and "desi traditions" into SOCH The Band's "mellow" six-year-old song 'Neray Neray Vas' and turned it into a groovy Punjabi number for the latest Coke Studio release.

"You know when you spot someone across the room, and in that moment you realise it’s on? This is the song for that," describes the team.

Coke Studio brought together SOCH and the Butt Brothers for its fifth song and shifted the mellow mid-2000s tune by SOCH The Band into "a bhangra-style track filled with hope" under Xulfi and associate music producer Zain Ali’s direction.

Usually, more traditionally desi songs are altered to make them more trendy but this time, Coke Studio decided to go in reverse and inject the straightforward song with "desi traditions". The original 'Neray Neray Vas' holds its ground but at the same time, it's "lusher" with an "expanded soundscape" and energy that makes you groove.

Adding a dash of Punjab tradition to the song with a harmonium, tumbi and matka and combining them with a hint of "Coke Studio-appropriate chimtas" form the perfect recipe for a song that's got a unique pulse of its own.

SOCH's Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed have returned and their collaboration with the Butt Brothers is a force that can't be stopped. And then there’s the video that has all the charm of being at a mehndi with "an epic soundtrack", according to Coke Studio. Director Murtaza Niaz shaped the performance-based cut to enhance the song’s festive vibe.

Netizens are already grooving to the beat and have stamped the song with a label that reads banger. Coke Studio itself has professed it's a dance number, tweeting "Brb. Going to dance."

Fans are impressed with the season as a whole claiming that "this musical diversity was badly needed for #Pakistani music revival. Great job #CokeStudio14."

They've got the "light groovy dance number" on repeat.

Users love the vibe and wouldn't be surprised "if this song included in an Indian Punjabi or Bollywood film."

Has the song got you dancing too? What Coke Studio 14 song is your favourite?


Memon Abdul Feb 03, 2022 12:21am
Oh yeah! Coke studio needs no certification... Season 14 is setting the bar higher yet again only improving on what it has delivered so far - Coke Studio has only one competitor, Coke Studio itself, and it outperforms every year... They were the masters of sound engineering, this year they have brought in the cinematic layer in addition to the visual creativity that they work so hard on. Rare is an ensemble ready to witness with such polish and execution with such consistency packaged and delivered year after year...the music, heavenly as always, wishing them all the best!