Coke Studio kicks off with a hit: Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal's 'Tu Jhoom' is winning hearts

Coke Studio kicks off with a hit: Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal's 'Tu Jhoom' is winning hearts

Mahira Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt and Bilal Qureshi and countless netizens are all praises for Coke Studio season 14's first song.
15 Jan, 2022

Before Coke Studio season 14 even dropped, it had netizens excited. Now that the first song is here we can declare that Xulfi did not disappoint. He made it worth the wait because the first song 'Tu Jhoom' by Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal aired on Jan 14 and is being showered with praise by netizens and celebs alike.

Mahira Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt and Bilal Qureshi are enamoured with the song while Pakistani Twitter is full of love every time you refresh your feed.

Curated and produced by Xulfi, following the launch of its season reveal video, Coke Studio released the first song 'Tu Jhoom' from season 14 and it is a soulful number that's got everyone's heart in a twist in the best of ways.

In 'Tu Jhoom', Xulfi uses his musical sixth sense to create an atypical pairing so natural it’s borderline insanity that it wasn’t done before. “I always like to bring an element of surprise, expected things have short lives,” he said.

Everyone seems to agree with the pairing and the real magic that's come out of it as a consequence. Khan took to her Instagram Stories to express how the song gave her "goosebumps."

Butt congratulated the whole team for living up to its name and starting off with such a "spiritual and beautiful" song.

Amar Khan said the song had her "in tears." She praised the "legends", calling this "Pakistan's shining moment."

"Pehli ball pe hi sixer [a six on the first ball]," said Bilal Qureshi.

The moment when Parveen arrived on set and warmly greeted Lal has touched many hearts. The clip has gone viral on social media and netizens are in awe of the beautiful embrace.

Users are calling 'Tu Jhoom' a "masterpiece."

They're utterly captivated by the "two living legends."

The duo's voices melded together perfectly and this Twitter user described how the smiling Lal's high notes have them hooked and Parveen just "takes you to a place you don't want to return from."

It's got people feeling all kinds of things.

And others just want to straight up "inject" it in their veins.

The "soul touching composition" has netizens looking forward to more by Coke Studio.

"Coke Studio kicks off with a bang," exclaimed this user, thanking Xulfi for bringing legends together and "showing the world what two great Pakistani women can do."

We don't know about you, but we're feeling '22 if this is how January has kicked off. Along with everyone else, we're excited to see what more magic Xulfi has in store for us. What collaborations are you most looking forward to this season?


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F Khan Jan 15, 2022 12:33pm
The land of Coke Studio Pakistan.
Sane Mind1st Jan 15, 2022 01:04pm
It's called start with a bang and end with whimper. Wait, Listen, will Come to said conculsion. And will agree too.
GM Jan 15, 2022 01:08pm
I have no words for Abida Perveen sahiba. what a great legend she is. How humble she is! there is no parallel to her towering personality and magic voice. i literally cried...
Sane Mind1st Jan 15, 2022 01:33pm
Come to think of it. Coke studio is all that Pakistan produces!. Please dont comment that music is needed, this is needed, that is needed, art is to be appreciated and all humbugs. Think broadly.
nadeem tahir Jan 15, 2022 01:50pm
It is an amazing song. Fantastic. Pakistani talent is out of this world. Puts to shame the neighboring jokers they can listen and weep..
Aman Buzdar Jan 15, 2022 04:54pm
Beautiful music!!!!
Kulsoom Baloch Jan 15, 2022 05:50pm
Our legendary madam Abida Parveen in herself is a band & no doubt Pakistanis Coke Studio is viral beyond boundaries & truly music has no language, no nation, no cast but melodious sound with soulful feelings make you to be of them.
VAgg Jan 18, 2022 06:55am
It's sooo good! Mesmerizing!
Jawwad Jan 22, 2022 03:53am
And it turns out Xulfi pulled an Indian on the song by plagiarism it.