We may not be living our best lives but late designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat sure is

We may not be living our best lives but late designer Karl Lagerfeld’s cat sure is

Choupette Lagerfeld has 100k Instagram followers keeping track of the feline heir to the designer’s fortune.
18 Aug, 2022

Chanel’s former creative director, German designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away in 2019 but he left behind a fortune estimated to be between $195 to $300 million dollars. According to rumours, the millions were inherited by his beloved Birman cat. We don’t know whether Choupette Lagerfeld is a millionaire or not but we sure know that the feline is living her best life.

Vacationing in Ibiza, modeling to market Lagerfeld products and shooting in bathtubs at fancy hotels is just Choupette’s life now. The blue-eyed furry friend just celebrated her 11th birthday on a private plane so of course she had to pose with champagne and presents for the ’gram. “Happy birthday to me,” she probably got her butler to caption the post, assuring her fans that the jet stayed on the ground. She added that the location for her party was “in memory of the many trips” with her daddy.

This is nothing though — according to the New York Times, Choupette used to be even more bougie back when her dad was around. Her personal staff included two minders, a bodyguard, a chef and a doctor. She also traveled around in a custom Louis Vuitton carrying case, her silver dishes and brushes accompanying her in their own Goyard bag.

Now she may not still have the same entourage but she certainly stays busy. Her job is simply to cat — but on camera. She gets paid big bucks to be herself and that’s the way to do it. Kardashian who? It’s Choupette and the 100,000 people following her every paw-move.

If the sun doesn’t perfectly land on your body as you pose for the ’gram, what are you doing?


Nasir Aug 18, 2022 05:10pm
In a world where thousand human being are dyeing due to hunger, floods , medical facilities and medicine its unbearable to read and see the non sense .
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Abbas Aug 19, 2022 05:31am
He was entitled to do whatever he wanted with his money. But what a tremendous waste of money and fortune that any other intelligent human being can put to some great use. Regretful!
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