K-Electric rescues a cat from a well and live-tweets the operation. Here's the full scoop

Updated 24 Mar, 2016 04:59pm

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The electricity company even coined a cat-themed hashtag! We're happy to announce the cat is doing well

Heroic K-Electric lineman Sikander Baloch and the cat he rescued from a 110ft deep well
Heroic K-Electric lineman Sikander Baloch and the cat he rescued from a 110ft deep well

Here's something to warm our hearts.

A cat got stuck in a well in Kathor, and three different organisations got together to rescue the lucky critter.

Edhi Animal Shelter was first to attempt the rescue, but was unsuccessful. Paws Pakistan intervened and contacted K-Electric, which, by the way, has a proven track record of saving animals in a fix.

Last year, K-Electric rescued a bird from a EHT wire, recalls Adil Hussain, Head of Digital Media at K-Electric.

Here's how the #KathoreCatRescue happened:

After a quick internal discussion, K-Electric decided to step in to save the day:

KE sent a crane and team to the said well:

The well was determined to be 110 feet deep:

One Sikander Baloch strapped into the safety thingamajig in order to begin his descent:

But not before last minute crane checks were made:

Lineman Sikander Baloch finally began his descent:

His support team kept a close eye on him as he went in:

The well was not infinite abyss material, but dark and formidable nonetheless:

And soon enough, out came Sikander with the cat who cooperated and sat calmly in its carrier:

Here's another picture of the hero and the rescued! Locals say the cat has been stuck in the well for about a year:

The cat looked quite content:

PAWS Pakistan is now said to be taking over, and tending to the cat's needs.

It's great to see K-Electric lend its resources and workforce to rescue animals in need. But what's a feel-good story without a spoilsport?