KP ministers accidentally used a cat filter during a press conference live stream

Updated 15 Jun, 2019 09:59pm

Images Staff

Could this be the start of a new #Caturday trend?

A press conference called by Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa's Minister of Information Shoukat Yousufzai became a subject of hilarity last night after the person running its live broadcast on Facebook accidentally activated... the cat filter!

Photos of Yousufzai and his fellow ministers sporting cat ears and whiskers quickly went viral last night, with Twitter users not leaving the chance to comment on the social media mishap:

The press conference was about pretty serious stuff — the recent decisions made by the provincial assembly — but the internet can't get over the cat filter!

Could this be the start of a new #Caturday trend?

Update: On Saturday night a message posted from PTI's official Twitter account acknowledging the mix up and attributed the cat filter to 'human error.'