Marina Khan says she wasn’t paid full promised amount for film Yaara Vey

Marina Khan says she wasn’t paid full promised amount for film Yaara Vey

Beeline Productions says it is in legal proceedings with the associate production house Elite Films to resolve the matter of impending payments
02 Aug, 2022

Actor Marina Khan is not okay with the film Yaara Vey being released, especially since she said the makers did not fulfil their contractual obligation of paying her the promised amount for her role in the film.

On Sunday, she shared a poster from the movie and addressed her Instagram followers saying, “To all my Instagram followers. I am VERY UPSET that this movie is being released as I was NOT paid by the producers the full amount they promised me.”

She added that they kept delaying the contract signing and it is in her power to put a stop to the film’s release. “Technically, if I wanted, I could probably put a stay order on the release but I am lazy and frankly, don’t give a rat’s a*s anymore.” To the producers of this film, she said, “SHAME on you.”

Team Yaara Vey released an official statement on behalf of Beeline Productions in response to Marina’s claims on Tuesday. In it, they clarified that the film was produced by Beeline Productions in association with another production house based in UAE called Elite Films. The former was responsible for the finance whilst the latter held the reins of production. According to the statement, Beeline paid Elite the full amount pertaining to “full management of artists, resources, production expenses” and were supplied with receipts.

In an unexpected turn of events, Beeline said the owner of Elite Films discontinued production without notice and failed to respond to them. Only now has the matter of impending payments come to light for Beeline Productions, which is dealing with the matter through “legal proceedings” with Elite Films.

The production house said they believe in transparency and “will not stand idly by to misconduct and malpractices”. They acknowledged Marina’s concerns, saying they are “deeply regret” the inconveniences caused to her. They have reached out to her and promise to compensate her for her acting duties “irrespective of the process and conclusion of the legal action”.

The film is set to hit theatres on September 16 after years of delay. It recently released its trailer and from the looks of it, the story revolves around a love triangle that draws parallels between a safe and predictable love and an exciting yet uncertain one.

Directed by Manish Pawar, the movie’s cast includes Sami Khan, Aleeze Nasser, Faizan Khwaja, Jawed Shaikh, Marina and Ali Sikander. It has been produced in Dubai and shot in Thailand.