Mahira Khan and Marina Khan's message this wedding season has our hearts

Mahira Khan and Marina Khan's message this wedding season has our hearts

"There is a line I wrote which Marina delivers: today the heart finally allowed me to live. That sums up what we wanted to say."
27 Dec, 2020

'There is a right time and a certain age for marriage.'

Such is the idea we've heard most of the people in our society preach. Marry early, so you can adjust in a new family. Marry young, to safeguard your deteriorating beauty. Nevertheless, marry in and around your 20s.

However, Mahira Khan doesn't seem to agree. This winter season (or wedding season in Pakistan, as we call it), the Raees superstar collaborated with the Dhoop Kinare legend Marina Khan to refresh our memories with the concept of companionship — one that transgresses all barriers of age and time.

"I hope you all enjoy this [...] I hope we can all celebrate our hearts and the choices it makes," said the Humsafar star, as she went on to post the two-minute clip of the festivity, having us all warm and fuzzy.

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"There is a line I wrote which Marina delivers: Aaj is dil ne mujhe jeenay ki ijaazat de di (today, the heart finally allowed me to live). That sums up what we wanted to say this Mashaadi," she added, as the video celebrated love and union in all its glory.

Like us, many took to appreciate the refreshing concept, admiring the simplicity of how it was done with very little words, yet, with so much ease.

The video has been directed by Shehrazade Sheikh and styled by Maha Rizvi, and the beautiful outfits were courtesy Sania Maskatiya with Ali Javeri responsible for the traditional jewellery, local brand Miaasa for the shoes.

Music for the video was done by Azaan Sami Khan.

Celebrating love, loneliness, togetherness, support and most importantly, the reversal of roles filled with courage, we can't help but surely agree, this was a beautiful concept giving us the reminder we collectively need: "celebrate choice".


hamid shafiq Dec 27, 2020 02:07pm
I support simplicity not extravaganza
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Chrís Dăn Dec 27, 2020 02:37pm
Nice to see two female asset of Pakistan art life togather with such sane and pragmatic message .
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Chrís Dăn Dec 27, 2020 02:55pm
True. For love there is no age and as marriage is the formality for living-togather for ever when in love-hence no age for the marriage too.Love and marriage supplement each other. I fully agree with these two well -enlightened ladies.
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ABE Dec 27, 2020 03:03pm
Isn't white color worn mostly at funerals??
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Abdur R. Talukder Dec 27, 2020 03:13pm
@hamid shafiq Thank you sir and i am echoing with you.
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Ali Mehdi Dec 27, 2020 03:30pm
Marina Khan has been one of the most graceful artist we have. How dignified she is. Aged with grace.
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Chrís Dăn Dec 27, 2020 05:02pm
@ABE not necessarilly.
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well-wisher Dec 27, 2020 07:12pm
@ABE In your mind. ABE. Open up. It's simply beautiful!
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Faiza Abdur Rab Dec 27, 2020 07:23pm
@ABE In Arabs and in West Bride generally wears white dress on her Wedding Day. The practice to follow Heart in getting married irrespective of age and other socially placed and culturally popular barriers and limits are in more in practice in Arab Society and in Western Society as compared to Sub Continent including Pakistan e.g it explains logic underlying the White Bridal Dress
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NK Dec 27, 2020 08:49pm
A wedding season in a COVID time. A lot of rethinking is needed here to void a disaster after this year ends.
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Ibrahim S Dec 27, 2020 09:42pm
@ABE you made me laugh . Except in South Asia , all over the world, bride wears white dress , including Arabs . I hope it would brighten your vision .
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Ruqiya Dec 27, 2020 11:49pm
This is a gracefully made advertisement in the form of a short skit with the help of famous TV artists.The set, attire and performers are great as well. Thank you for sharing!
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Nusrat yaseen Dec 28, 2020 08:57am
A very beautiful message convey in elegant manner. Love to see this. It will also helpful to break the typical stereotype thinking.
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Faiza Abdur Rab Dec 28, 2020 11:03am
@Ruqiya On basis of my understanding on Media and my working experience in this area, I can confirm that this video clip can be classify as any thing but not an advertisement. To be honest to comment any further I have lost words.
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Aziza Dec 28, 2020 08:59pm
Lovely message! These two gorgeous women have to work together. What a beautiful pair they make. Marina, you will always remain the uber charming, bubbly and very talented girl for us. We want to see you in other roles than a tired mother figure.
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Shakil Khan Dec 29, 2020 11:38pm
Mahira Khan self-confidence blends well with confident women around the world. Good luck to her
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