Sami Khan's Yaara Vey is coming out soon

Sami Khan's Yaara Vey is coming out soon

The romantic film also stars Aleeze Nasser, Javed Sheikh, Marina Khan and Faizan Khwaja to name a few.
19 Sep, 2019

Sami Khan’s comeback seems to have truly solidified with a successive run in 2019 and an upcoming film lined up for a 2020 release, Yaara Vey.

“The film is 85% shot,” Khan told Images. “We aren’t supposed to tell anything about the characters [just yet]; telling about the characters is like revealing half the story.”

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The cast includes Sami Khan, Faizan Khwaja, Aleeze Nasser, Javed Sheikh, Marina Khan and Ali Sikander. The film is written by Althea Kaushal, the dialogues are by Mahwash Ijaz and is directed by Manish Pawar. It’s produced by Elite Films in Dubai and shot in Thailand.

But what’s the film about? Khan won’t tell just yet.

“It’s a mix; we cannot disclose the story yet.”

Ajaz revealed, "Yaara Vey is a romantic film, one that has given me the opportunity to work with a lot of talented people. As a first time screenwriter, it’s quite exciting to be a part of a film that has my childhood heroes, aka Marina Khan and Javed Sheikh. Really hope the audiences love the film."

Talking a little bit about her character, Nasser shared, "It's a girl’s journey of self discovery, her learning of new dimensions of life and unlearning of the old. Also a shift in thinking about love: going from safe and by the books to exciting, unpredictable and uncertain!"

She added, "Sami is great at his craft, he is super passionate about his work and a supportive co-star. I enjoyed working with him for sure."

Khan confirmed the film is set to finish filming later this year in time for a 2020 release. Let’s see what they’ve got cooked up!


Jonathan Menezes Sep 20, 2019 07:39am
OMG we will be entertained to another film on romance? Should I YAWN now or later ? then the couple will be dancing on the streets as the rains fill the gutters with sewage and mosquitoes bite them and they drive on the crowed streets where everyone follows their own law as women hang on motor cycles with no protection and kids are dangling behind them! Tell me a story about real people, with everyday problems not some fairy tale where masculine studs dance their days and anorexic gals fret about having another ladoo?