Tanhaiyaan star Marina Khan tests positive for Covid-19

Published 30 Apr, 2021 12:14pm

Images Staff

The veteran star said she felt fatigued, but was generally alright.

Actor and dirctor Marina Khan has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Tanhaiyaan star made the announcement via her social media.

"It's real. It's out there," said the actor in a video she uploaded to her Instagram.

Khan spoke freely and wholeheartedly about her diagnosis and on Covid from her room where she is quarantining along. The actor laughed and smiled, signalling she's perhaps not feeling too bad. Of her own symptoms she said she's feeling fatigued, and that's about it.

The actor noted that Eid is coming, and we must be careful. She urged people to observe SOPs and take care of themselves and their loved one. It's going to go away soon, it's only a question of a year, we need to buckle up and breeze through were her lessons.

She also took note of the situation on India, saying it has devastated the nation. She said we should learn a lesson from our neighbour, and understand that our lapses might result in a similar outcome, and we must remain serious about the disease and make sure we're careful.

Khan is one of Pakistan's ace actors, being the biggest name in the industry in the 80s. She starred in some of the time's most hit dramas, such as Dhoop Kinare, Nijaat and Tanha, dramas that took her to the pinnacle of fame in Pakistan, and made her a household name. She was last seen on the small screen in 2012, starring in Tanhaiyan Naye Silsile, a sequel to her past show, the sensation that was Tanhaiyaan.