For Fizza-Shiza actor Kiran Tabeir, there are better things to talk about than her viral drama clip

For Fizza-Shiza actor Kiran Tabeir, there are better things to talk about than her viral drama clip

A scene from Tabeir's drama Haqeeqat has tickled Pakistani social media's funny bone.
04 Feb, 2022

If you've been on social media lately, you've probably seen the viral drama clip that has Pakistani netizens both confused and amused. The clip is from an episode of A-Plus TV's 2020 drama Haqeeqat and has everyone talking about Fizza and Shiza — twin sisters who marry two brothers in the same house but end up in the wrong bedrooms on their wedding night. Actor Kiran Tabeir who played the twins in the episode Judwaa finally addressed the viral clip and she strongly feels there are better ways to use one's time and energy than talking about Fizza and Shiza.

Tabeir took to Instagram to address social media's latest fascination. "It's more important that we talk about the kind of problems that need to be talked about, problems in our country that need to be addressed and should trend on social media as well," she said. "Please use your time and energy in a better way, maybe that'll end up helping someone for the better. It's your decision. Otherwise enjoy this Fiza and Shiza thing."

Judwaa tells the story of twin sisters Fizza and Shiza who marry two brothers, Zain and Faraz, without having seen them. Zain and Faraz's meddling phuppo has a daughter who's in love with one of the brothers. The phuppo switches the brides' rooms on their wedding night to sabotage their marriages in order to give her daughter a fighting chance with her flame.

Haqeeqat is a Pakistani anthology television series consisting of a collection of assorted family stories. The series featured a different cast in each episode and is apparently based on real life situations. So apparently, what happened to the characters Fiza and Shiza actually happened to someone in real life.

The drama clip became meme fodder as soon as it went viral on social media and there has been no shortage of Fizza and Shiza jokes on Twitter ever since.