Zara Noor Abbas has ascended to the throne — Badshah Begum's first teaser is out now

Zara Noor Abbas has ascended to the throne — Badshah Begum's first teaser is out now

Its star-studded cast also includes Yasir Hussain, Farhan Saeed, Ali Rehman, Komal Meer and Shahzad Nawaz, among many others.
03 Feb, 2022

It's finally happening — the Pakistani drama industry is finally giving us strong female leads that have their stories instead of being side characters in a man's story. After Sinf-e-Aahan's female-centric storyline, we've got actor Zara Noor Abbas taking up the role of Badshah Begum, a queen worth fearing and revering by the looks of the first teaser.

Abbas captioned the teaser on her Instagram, "Hum aurtain kisi ki jageer naheen, keh hum per shartain aur baaziaan lagayee jayein [We women are not someone's property that we have conditions attached and people betting on us]."

The teaser featured a poker-faced Abbas in regal attire, pulling a sword out of its sheath and then sitting on a throne. "Honour is always associated with a woman and it's always a woman who has to sacrifice. Maybe that's why this throne needs only a woman," she said in the clip.

Designer Munib Nawaz and actor Parisheh James commented under the post to hype Abbas up. The writer of the show, Saji Gul, also commented saying "Wow Zara awestruck myself" to see his script in action.

The Ehd-e-Wafa actor posted the first look of her character recently. The picture featured her sitting on a wooden throne with half of her body ablaze and the caption, “This throne deserves a woman."

Her loved ones were quick to rain down praises — her husband Asad Siddiqui wrote "My Badshah Begum!"

Actors Hira Mani and Momal Sheikh were among her well-wishers.

With an exciting lineup that includes actors Yasir Hussain, Farhan Saeed, Abbas, Ali Rehman, Komal Meer and Shahzad Nawaz, the drama will air on Hum TV and is a joint collaboration between Momina Duraid Productions and Rafay Rashdi Productions.

In an earlier comment to Images, Hussain shed a little light on the upcoming drama (though not enough to satisfy our curiosity about the intriguingly named drama). "Yes the drama has Farhan, Ali, Zara Noor Abbas and many other people who are brilliant actors. [The drama] has been written by Saji Gul."

Gul is a prominent name who also wrote O Rangreza (2017) starring Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas Khan.

"It is a very different drama and my character in particular is quite different from other [characters]," Hussain added.

Abbas was all praise for the cast of Badshah Begum. "There are so many amazing people [in the drama] and the cast is really huge and everybody is extremely talented," she said.

Badshah Begum was originally a film but was later turned into a television series project.


Ahmar Qureshi Feb 03, 2022 12:09pm
MARCH 8TH, to be its airing date I am certain. A play to watch! Zara is a tailor-made match for the role. Good Luck!
sheema Feb 03, 2022 12:21pm
What are you talking about , most dramas are femalecentric with men in side roles. Fitoor, Bholi Bano, Chupke Chupke, Suno Chanda . Parizaad Ehd e wafa were exceptions.
Sane MInd1st Feb 03, 2022 02:40pm
Ok. And this concept will remain on the screens and for the screens only. Dare any Pakistani woman will use these dramas to enact in real life.
M. Saeed Feb 03, 2022 03:53pm
There was an actress named Shakila in old Indian films. She was born as Badshah Begum on in the Middle East. Her ancestors belonged to the royal families of Afghanistan and Iran. Her paternal grandparents and mother were killed during family feuds over the throne. Her father and her aunt, Feroza Begum brought the children to Mumbai, India. Shakila and her sisters faced tough times, since their father died soon after. Her aunt, who was engaged to marry a prince, lost him in an accident, and she decided to remain unmarried and raise her nieces. Aunt was fond of movies and took the girls to showings. Their friendship with Kardar gave Badshah Begum the chance to act in Dastaan (1949). She took the name Shakila and made her debut in film, Ultimately, she was picked up by Guru Dutt in his film Aaar Paar and soon she was the top name in Indian films. Her life is a perfect filmi story and I thought Badshah Begum is the story of Shakila.