YouTuber Mooroo is starring in a Ramazan comedy series and here's what we know so far

YouTuber Mooroo is starring in a Ramazan comedy series and here's what we know so far

The vlogger will be seen as Amanullah, a character he and actor Mira Sethi created for YouTube years ago, in Paristan.
Updated 02 Feb, 2022

Content creators are no longer limited to YouTube and many have been entering the entertainment industry via our TV screens. One such star is Taimoor Salahuddin also known as Mooroo. We may know him as a vlogger who has made us laugh, educated us and above all entertained us with his videos, but now we'll see him as an actor playing Amanullah in drama Paristan.

Mooroo told Images that he and Mira Sethi had created Amanullah, Haroon and many other characters for his YouTube channel. Comedian Faiza Saleem had played the character of Gulsher and Sethi played Zubaida.

"The character I'm playing is Amanullah [and he's also there] on my YouTube channel. Me and Mira had created these characters a long time ago and we are now taking them to TV. Some things are obviously fixed and changed according to the director in order to mould a character in a better way and to match the writer's description. It's like bringing the old characters into a new world," he explained.

Mooroo said he was approached by HUM TV for the role. "I went and gave an interview as they were familiar with my work. We immediately met the director of the show and I wanted to do the show."

When asked about his experience working with Sethi, Mooroo said that "it's always a pleasure working with her". "Me and Mira have had a working relationship in an acting capacity for many years now and we really enjoy working together."

This the first time the content creator will be acting for small screen project. "I'm learning the ropes of how it's done. So in the process I'm learning to do things quickly in a certain timeframe. They [the crew] have been patient with me, which has been nice and I hope to perform better as the days go on. As of now we've only shot for three days with 15 to 20 days left to complete the project," said the new actor.

He also mentioned that he will be starring along with comedian-actor Arslan Naseer of whom he has been a fan for a while and Merub Ali, whom he learned a lot from. "She [Merub] taught me how to memorise a script, how to get ready, how to remember lines, how not to blink in certain situations and acting technique in general. It's all been a wonderful learning as well as fun experience for me."

He told Images that he didn't expect the drama to be this fun as the actors he had met before had described acting on the small screen as a "difficult" task and how they have to stay up all night in order to shoot episodes. Mooroo said that his experience is a complete opposite.

"I wouldn't mind working on screen because my current experience has been phenomenal. It all depends on timing as I have another career [YouTube] and I quite enjoy doing that as it involves more of my own talent and skills so that is a wholesome experience. In acting I don't write anything myself neither do I direct, it's just acting which is a relief but at the same time, I want more challenging work. So I will continue acting and creating content online," he said.

He hopes that his acting skills and drama impress his fans and followers as everybody has shown excitement over the photo he had shared.

"I've received positive feedback so far so I'm thinking if they like it, they like it and if they don't, then they just don't like it. I have to do the best job I can do as I have no expectations. The good thing is that it's fun so even if it does really bad, I had a great time so my life was good and I was happy and that's all that matters."

The romantic comedy Paristan is being helmed by Ali Hassan and the cast also includes Javeria Saud, Junaid Jamshaid Niazi, Aymen Saleem, Navin Waqar and Ali Safina. It will air during Ramazan for 30 days like previous dramas Chupke Chupke and Suno Chanda.


Hasan Malik Feb 02, 2022 03:27pm
I hope it will remain a comedy rather than a mockery of Punjabi speakers.
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well-wisher Feb 02, 2022 08:05pm
All the best and may success follow you.
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Daredevil Feb 03, 2022 09:53am
He is a great actor, and he will do it amazingly.
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